Treo 650- HELP!

  • pdadoc

    pdadoc - 2005-06-16

    I've used Diddlebug for years and really rely on it. After upgrading from a Treo 600 to 650, key features on the alarm no longer work. Specifically:

    1) If the system sound on the treo is turned off (I hate hearing a click every time I push a button, almost as much as my wife...) the alarm will not sound AT ALL.

    2) the vibrate mode is "not supported," even though there is obviously a vibrate on the 650.

    ANY help in fixing these would be very appreciated. Happy to help with beta testing if any work is still being done on it.


    • plimplom

      plimplom - 2005-10-28

      I'd like to confirm that if System Sound is set to OFF - which is vital in my line of work - then the alarm on the Treo 650 will not go off in Diddlebug, rendering the app useless for me :-(

      Hopefully, this is a simple bug fix.

      • Anonymous - 2006-04-30

        I agree, could we have a 'bypass system sound seeting' option please?

    • rhino89

      rhino89 - 2006-05-04

      My alarm works - barely.  I get the standard Palm "alert" sound, no matter what sound I choose and no vibration or LED.  In Profiles (a third party freeware sound manager) you can set the alarm volume, which is not visible in the Preferences.

      Any solution for vibrate or using the Palm alert manager system?  I rely on vibrate, like the standard Palm Notepad has, but Diddlebug is better.

    • t6d

      t6d - 2006-06-13

      I found a solution on my treo 650 by using KoolSounds v1.4 (it's a pay app, but worth it to make Diddlebug alarms work!). KoolSounds is a utility to replace system sounds on a per-application basis, and can enable vibrate alarms too. 

      I turned off the annoying Palm system sound clicks in Palm Prefs (Diddlebug alarms stopped working as noted by others), but then I assigned a .wav sound to Diddlebug in KoolSounds and presto, diddlebug alarms!  If you need a vibrate alarm without sound, just turn on vibrate in KoolSounds, and create and assign a silent .wav file to Diddlebug.


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