LED for HandEra ??

  • Brendel Oliver

    Brendel Oliver - 2002-03-26

    Hi Peter,

    first BIG BIG thanks. I bought recently a HandEra and found that my old version ( I think 2.15) of Diddle Bug did not work properly on it. Actually the Alarm window messed up the screen that bad that I had to drop the app and ever since I have tried to find a replacement but it'S simply not replaceable. And over the years I have become dependend. So I was just that happy when I found by chance on Sourceforge that you took over the developement and that it'S working just fine on the HandEra.
    Just on esmall question = In Alarm preferences there is the LED option (HELP : for units that have a LED) and for some reason it is disabled, even though the HadnEra has this nice little Alarm LED.
    Is the LED option not yet implemented or only not for the HandEra ?
    Is there any hope for a full screen version for the HandEra ???

    Thanks again


    • Peter Putzer

      Peter Putzer - 2002-03-26

      I have not been able to find any information about the LED in HandEra's SDK. The same holds true for the Visor Edge's LED, BTW.


    • Andrew Reising

      Andrew Reising - 2003-05-31

      Yeah i noticed that the LED option is disabled for me, and I have a Visor Edge. So there's no way it will work?


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