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January 2013 Update

DIASER is included in the release of Fedora18 (as is DSI). Both run and DIASER installs onto nodes and I am ready to go with the new hardware nodes. I tweeted this and to LinkedIn. Hardware nodes are much cheaper that cloud nodes, but it is important to keep cloud usage in mind. IEF have funded new hardware to build a prototype system for long-term usage and development. A maintenance release is high priority this quarter. ... read more

Posted by Damian Brasher 2013-01-20

DIASER 1.1.1beta3 released

The key themes of this release are documentation and accessibility. A more comprehensive release includes a worked example of a personal cloud storage installation. Documented in section 14 of the manual. Also included; detailed listing of rsync switches used for 'heavy lifting' and general improvements to links and other fixes. More core documentation has been added to the release, including a White Paper and other elements updated. The spec file is further refined for use in Fedora, or for your own packaging requirements. Special developer assistance is provided e.g. Perl one-liners, to extract and list all subroutine names and line number, print line num ranges.

Posted by Damian Brasher 2012-04-01


#Thingatorium - Digital dream catching #Poetry http://goo.gl/C7vc5 Think... #Linux #Storage and #Code http://goo.gl/o8c0x #WorldBackupDay


Posted by Damian Brasher 2012-04-01

Submitted Fedora F14,15 & 16 updates-testin

Submitted Fedora F14,15 & 16 updates-testing, DIASER Wan vault for long term archiving use #yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install diaser

Posted by Damian Brasher 2011-08-06

A future for our organisation…

Interlinux Foundation has been created, see http://www.interlinux.org.uk

Posted by Damian Brasher 2011-05-11

DIASER SaaS white paper v1.2 inc. TCO example

Vast quantities of digital information are continually created. Organisations struggle to implement long term data storage solutions. Designing and implementing a cost effective, robust, secure, compliant, data archiving strategy presents a big and costly challenge. An even bigger challenge, when an organisation must retain full legal and administrative ownership of its data when stored in the cloud.... read more

Posted by Damian Brasher 2011-04-07

DSI blogged by SourceForge...

DSI space invaders blogged by SourceForge's Lee Schlesinger


This release includes an RPM spec file and an RPM i386 download. A window caption and icon were added. Shot timing has been improved. Some variable name definitions are clarified.... Game play defs were tuned. Updates were made to the game level code. The alternative 'spooky' game sound track has been re-introduced... read more

Posted by Damian Brasher 2010-04-15