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Dialect for PocketPC 2002 (ARM) by Tom Arn

Tom Arn has compiled the latest source version of Dialect into a version for PocketPC 2002. This version has as a target the ARM processor as can be found in handehelds like the Qtek 2020 (also known as XDA-II, MDA-II, iMate, etc.).

This version can be downloaded from Tom's website: http://www.t-arn.com/software/Dialect_PPC2002_ARM.zip

Posted by A.H. Banen 2004-06-02

Old Aristar message board now as a help file

The old Aristar Dialect forum has been converted to a Windows .chm compressed help file. This makes it much easier to search the old forum. The contents is almost identical to that of the raw archive, only redundant header and footer data has been removed.
A recommended download!

Posted by A.H. Banen 2003-10-20

Browse CVS temporary unavailable.

Bad news, at least for the moment. Those of you who'd like to browse the CVS for Dialect may already have encountered it: Python throws errors and you can't view the Dialect source files.

The 'good' news is that this is a known error as David Burley Second Level Support Technician, SourceForge.net reports:
"This is a known bug with ViewCVS. We hope it will be resolved by the time we upgrade ViewCVS. "... read more

Posted by A.H. Banen 2003-09-10

CVS cleaned up

The Dialect CVS has been cleaned up. Two superfluous directories ([Sourceforge] / dialect / Qwindow and ([Sourceforge] / dialect / dialect / Qwindow) have been removed. This should do away the problems some people had with checking out the Dialect CVS.


Posted by A.H. Banen 2003-07-16

Old Aristar Dialect messageboard available for download

A raw archived version of the no longer available Aristar Dialect messageboard (formerly found at www.aristar.com/wwwboard/wwwboard.html) is now available for download. Please notice some (older) messages may be missing from this archive!

The old message board contained lots and lots of queastions, answers and code snippets. It still is indispensable to any Dialect programmer.


Posted by A.H. Banen 2003-06-20

Old Dialect versions for WinCE 2.0/2.11

By courtesy of Aristar, Inc. binaries of Dialect Pro v1.11 for handhelds running WinCE 2.0 on a MIPS or SH3 processor or running WinCE 2.11 on a MIPS, SH3 or ARM processor are now available from the Files section on the Dialect Sourceforge website.
These binaries available were formerly sold as Dialect Pro v1.11 (build March 21, 2000) by Aristar, Inc.

Please note that the Dialect development for handhelds running WinCE 2.0/2.11 has stopped. Dialect Pro Version 1.11 also doesn't contain the latest changes that are available in the Dialect Open Source version(s).... read more

Posted by A.H. Banen 2003-05-30

New Dialect version by Guilect

Jim (Guilect) has created a new version of Dialect for Windows desktop PC's (Win32 platform). You candownload this version from http://home.att.net/~guilect/Dialect021103.zip don't forget to download and read the changes from here http://home.att.net/~guilect/mychanges.txt
The latest change is a power operator that can be used without having to import the math module. So expressions like '3 pow 2' ( = 8 ) are now possible.
This is a recommended download for everybody working with Dialect on a desktop PC.... read more

Posted by A.H. Banen 2003-02-11