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  • Clint

    Clint - 2007-04-25

    Looks like the phone machine idea (mentioned in another post) might be more work than I can reasonably expect to successfully accomplish in a realistic manner at this moment.

    I'm wondering if Dialect would be a good choice to write my own E-mail client.

    What I'm especially interested in doing is to get the real part of the E-mail (i.e., the actual ascii text which the other person actually typed with their fingers; more to the point: the part where a living human did some work to communicate with me) and put that ascii text in front of my face in my own text editor.

    I know that there are a thousand E-mail apps already. I'm just thinking that it would probably be simpler, easier, and more effective to go ahead and write my own as opposed to trying to search for one that works the way I want.

    What say ye, experts of Dialect ?

    Is anyone else working on this already ?

    Is Dialect well suited for this idea ?

    • Bill Littlejohn

      Bill Littlejohn - 2007-04-25

      There is an example application for a POP3 email reader ready to go.
      You can get it at http://secure.mtd-inc.com/dialect/doku.php?id=code_samples#gui_pop3_email_reader

      It's not pretty, but may be a good place to start.


    • Bill Littlejohn

      Bill Littlejohn - 2007-04-25

      Tom also has some email related programs in the database at http://www.t-arn.com/cgi-bin/dbman/dialect/db.cgi


    • Clint

      Clint - 2007-05-14

      I haven't touched dialect in a long while. Is it three years now ? Four ? Wow.

      Can I get a few pointers on what to download, and where ?

      Also, can I get an ounce of advice about file locations and tree structure ?

      (e.g., directory and sub-directory stuff)

      Anyway, what do I download, and what should I think about before I try to set it up and install it ?

      Thanks for suggestions.

    • Bill Littlejohn

      Bill Littlejohn - 2007-05-15

      The official version is still at 1.16 http://downloads.sourceforge.net/dialect/DialectWin32Install-1.16.exe?use_mirror=superb-west

      The linked Dialect installer points to a Dialect folder under %ProgramFiles% ,but you can put the IDE executable and files any place you choose, so long as you update the application association path for the .d files.; Paths with spaces can be an issue sometimes.
      Use global.__environ__.path to get/set the path in a program.

      There is nothing to do except grab the main executable and run it, on Windows. If you want to know about CE, I'll have to defer to someone else. I've started a page for Linux at http://secure.mtd-inc.com/dialect/doku.php?id=dialect_on_linux

      The main wiki site is http://secure.mtd-inc.com/dialect/doku.php?id=DialectReference

      I would start there if you have other questions.
      Feel free to start a page for New Users and throw your questions out if you like. We'll get a better introduction or FAQ from it.

      I'd like to encourage everyone to help get Dialect some attention in the community.

      Tom, could you add some links to the main wiki page for your files and whatever else you like?
      Along those lines, It would be nice to be able to link directly to the files or page for the apps in the database. It would probably require a scripted (thus public) login or turning off auth for DBMan.

      Others feel free to add to the wiki also.
      We could start a page for commonly used functions or modules code.
      Everyone has a bit of code they reuse. (Menu's, registry access, Window state save and restore, and save/load configuration routines off the top of my head.)
      I've been wanting to do that but don't want to just have my crappy stuff on it. ;)

    • Clint

      Clint - 2007-05-15

      From my brief initial glance, that place appears
      to be one truly fantastic site. The reference is
      exactly what I've been wanting for years. I want
      to publicly thank (and praise) those who made it
      and maintain it.

    • Bill Littlejohn

      Bill Littlejohn - 2007-05-15

      Thank you.
      I created it and host it, but everyone can/has/should maintain it.
      I would really like to make it the best community Dialect site.
      With a few additions like code sharing and a decent tutorial(s), it would be off to a good start.

    • Clint

      Clint - 2007-05-16

      Would grammatical corrections be welcomed or would
      that be argumentative ?

      I noticed a couple of "it's" and "its" things here
      and there. Some people consider such contributions
      to be annoying, irritating, and nit-picking. Other
      people notice those types of things, and while one
      tiny grammar error doesn't destroy the credibility
      of a given site~community~author~whatver, each one
      does detract just a little more than the previous,
      with a cumulative effect.

      So, would such participation be constructive, help
      things, and appreciated ? Or would that be harmful
      in terms of needless argumentation over incidental
      writing style ?

    • Clint

      Clint - 2007-05-16

      Yeah, the tutorial, let's start a thread
      dedicated to that one topic alone.

    • Bill Littlejohn

      Bill Littlejohn - 2007-05-16

      You willn't hurt my feelings by making grammatical corrections. :)

      I just added a Tutorial link to the main wiki page.
      Feel free to go ahead and start making some changes.

      I just started a new post on Open Discussion for the wiki.


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