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Redesign in process

The diald-top project is being redesigned by the original author to use threaded programming. This should alleviate some of the race conditions that have been reported by users. Expect a new release in a few weeks.

Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2003-01-13

diald-top 2.1pl7 released

Merged in Patch # 569226
- changes to window resize handling
- other minor changes

Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2002-06-15

diald-top 2.1pl6 released

I decided to spend some time on SourceForge's Compile Farm...

diald-top now compiles on:
sparc-solaris (although not quite linking right yet)

Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2001-09-21

diald-top 2.1pl5 released

Diald-top is now configured using GNU autoconf, which should be helpful to make it more easily portable to different UNIX variants. It has only be test compiled on RedHat 7.0.

No major functionality changes are incorporated yet. If you are a diald-top user, please participate in the project's user survey which is used to figure out what OS, kernel revision, diald revision diald-top is used with.


Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2001-09-15

Help needed

Since there has been no action, but we continually are getting downloads (which is nice to see even with over 1 year of no development!), I feel it is necessary once again to canvas for developers.

If you are using diald-top already, please consider signing on as a developer as you already have a test platform.

If you are using diald, please consider signing on as a developer for diald-top, as you already have part of the setup required.... read more

Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2001-09-03

diald-top 2.1pl4 released

Fixed the "not displaying packets" bug.
This should shortly form the basis of the new stable code from which future features will emerge.

Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2000-06-22

diald-top 2.1pl3 released

The code has been given a slight clean-up, including adding GPL comments to all .c files, adding the COPYING file, and standardizing the coding style using indent.

No substantial code changes.

Posted by Gavin Hurlbut 2000-06-20

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