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Dhttpd Security Challenge!

Hello comrades,

are you a hacker? Do you like screwing up other people's systems? Or do you enjoy the thrill of exposing security holes?

I, Dublet, dare anyone to find security holes in dhttpd-0.0-prealpha-0.73!

There are rewards, although none will feature any kind of compensation.

So come on, prove how manly (or womanly) you are!

Posted by Wouter Klouwen 2003-11-24

DHTTPD 0.0-prealpha-0.70 released!

W00t w00t!

Let's hear it for another brilliant release of the all amazing, awe inspiring webserver, dhttpd!
This version features a lot of exciting new features and the exhilirating new freshness of a program which is beginning to mature, be it remotely.

So, if you're just sitting there right now, reading this, getting tired of just running apache for no reason, give dhttpd a try!

Go nuts! Go glorious!

Posted by Wouter Klouwen 2003-09-29

dhttpd addition: QOS

dhttpd now features an add-on provided by koifren; layer 4 Quality of Service.
Now you can control your flows using Best Efford, Shaper, Guaranteed, Priority and other algorithms.

This add-on is only available in cvs.

Posted by Wouter Klouwen 2003-04-18

dhttpd 0.0-prealpha-0.45 released

So here we are, another release, note that this is a preliminairy release, just in order to celebrate that we now have a bunch of important features.
The major changes are that we now have support for HTTP/1.1 persistent connections, and virtual hosts.
Some minor changes:
-Apache compatible access log(s)
-supports HEAD and TRACE aswell as GET
-improved sending of files
-notification of errors in process list... read more

Posted by Wouter Klouwen 2002-11-07

dhttpd 0.0-prealpha-0.40 released

Dublet is proud to bring you the latest and greatest release of this project so far. It has already come a long way, and I look forward on intensifying the effords to bring you a better HTTP daemon.

The major change in this version is that the entire program has been succesfully migrated from a fork() model to a select() model. This should speed things up allot, since the program doesn't have to copy all of the memory upon receiving a new connection, but can get down to business. It can also multiplex several connections at the same time. It allows one process to do allot of work effectively, instead of spawning a bunch of processes that do quite little.... read more

Posted by Wouter Klouwen 2002-10-15

Major upcoming changes

A little while ago, I released version 0.0-prealpha-0.30, which was quite a good release, however is was still fork()ing for each client. While this is very clean programming, it's not that effecient, so I'm switching the code to use select(), which does require major changes internally.
Within the next 2 weeks I hope to make a release that is acceptable, and can serve clients.

Stay tuned folks.

Posted by Wouter Klouwen 2002-09-17

Upcoming release

Any of you folks who got their hands on a previous release should be thrilled to know that there's a big release coming up. It has several major enhancements and new features.
It will be able to send any binairy data effeciently, handle directories, some speed/code/efficiency enhancements, bug fixes and even a basic configuration file!

You're probably better off waiting for this release untill you're even judging the daemon :)... read more

Posted by Wouter Klouwen 2002-08-04

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