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Version 0.04 of the 3D-engine

The version 0.04 of the engine has been tested with IE and Firefox.

VML renderer (IE only) and SVG renderer (Firefox 1.5+ only) use the best technology available in the browser to greatly increase the performances.

An example can be seen at http://bazar3d.free.fr/jardin/index_en.html (or http://bazar3d.free.fr/jardin/ for french version)

Posted by Oncle Banane 2006-01-11

Pre-version of DHTML-3D

A pre-version of DHTML-3D can be found at http://bazar3d.free.fr/jardin (or http://bazar3d.free.fr/jardin/index_en.html for english version). It is a kind of test made to be sure that 3d was possible with javascript.
This pre-version is being cleaned and optimized in order to make the first version of DHTML-3D.

Posted by Oncle Banane 2005-12-06