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Open DHCP server - 2048 ip adress

  • sync

    sync - 2012-04-09


    I need to have on the same subnet a dhcp server to distribut 2048 ip adresses, i setup the open dhcp server the range wiht the subnet mask and the other dhcp options.

    I was expecting that the server start given ip adress after the as been lease.. but that doesn´t happend, i see the log file and it says that there is no free ip adress.

    On the webpage the ip adress are set has free dynamic leases.

    Can some one explain me why this happend?

  • Achal Dhir

    Achal Dhir - 2012-04-23

    Did you set the subnetmask of listening interface to too ?. This is required too.



  • Achal Dhir

    Achal Dhir - 2012-05-04

    Version 1.5 onwards this should work straightaway. Not sure how many listening interfaces you have (I guess only one then (with subnetmask can only reach 254 clients. , Make sure your default gateway is set reach all 2048 targets. Alternatively set the subnetmask of this listening interface to


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