The project is running very fast!

  • Yapooze

    Yapooze - 2005-02-19


    Congratulations, dguitar become a full sofwtare day after day. So, ca

    • Yapooze

      Yapooze - 2005-02-19

      Can I suggest to remove the "cl de sol" or may be in english "key of G" because a tab doesn't represents a "classical" partition but the 6 guitar strings!!! Nevertheless, continue like this!!!


      Dsol pour les fautes de grammaire, je prefere le franais:)

    • Mauricio Gracia Gutierrez

      Thanks for the feedback Yapooze.

      The "cl de sol" has been removed...but it will be included eventually once we start showing Standard Notation again.


    • Erwin Sateler

      Erwin Sateler - 2008-12-15

      I'm a guitar teacher, I'd like to use DGuitar as a viewer so my students can go to my website, click on a guitar pro file and this would take them to a new window with the viewer so they can see the tabs and play the file without having the Guitar Pro software, just like when you open a pdf online takes you to a new window with the file or like the flash player.
      Is that posible? and if it is how could I make it work?

      • Mauricio Gracia Gutierrez

        Sorry for the long delay before answering.

        Previous versions of 0.5 have an applet version.

        If you create a web page withe the following tags it might work

        <applet archive="" code="Gui.DGuitarApplet.class" width=800 height=480>
          <param name="GPURL" value="../test.gp4">
          Your browser is completely ignoring the &lt;APPLET&gt; tag!  or your <strong>security settings</strong> dont allow Java.

        You will have to change the test.gp4 to the path on the web server with the GP file to show.

        Let me know how that goes



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