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Help Wanted post in SourceForge blog

  • Rodolfo Martinez

    Hey guys,

    I was brought here by the Help Wanted post in the blog. I would love to contribute as a developer for the upcoming features. However, other than that blog post, the project seems to be very quiet for a while… Anyone there???

  • Natalia

    Natalia - 2012-10-17

    Hello, I also will be glad to contribute in this project.  5+ years of experience in java development (currently on matenity leave). How can I contact you for details if you're interested?

  • Mauricio Gracia Gutierrez

    Hello both of you

    1)Feel free to follow the steps on and first get familiar with what the program does

    2)Then take a look at the TODO.TXT that is part of the file that you downloaded on Step 1)

    3)Take a look and get familiar with the folder SRC that contains the SourceCode

    4)From the TODO.TXT tell me which TASKS appeal/are interesting for you to develop

  • Rodolfo Martinez

    Hey Mauricio,

    I've been familiarising with DGuitar and so far so good. In terms of appealing tasks, I would say that perhaps the best way to know the internals would be tidying up the code and getting rid of warnings (unused, generics, etc).

    I noticed that in the sources available in the zip file there are no sources for the common package, no jar file for junit, etc. Are you using a version control system? Any bug tracker?



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