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  • Cox Kurosawa

    Cox Kurosawa - 2006-05-24

    Hello there people. I´m a junior programmer and wish to help with the development of a brazilian portuguese translation. A special situation pushed me to the site project. I work as a php programmer, and my boss recently asked me to create a routine that read the header of guitar pro files, multiple versions(1,2,3,4 and even the brand new 5), and record it on a database. He has downloaded 40.000 guitar pro files, and it can´t be done manually(of course...) Looking for the file format standards in google I found this page. Since I´m a new programmer, I read the source code(not the whole code)and couldn´t find the part with classes about file headers. I´m new in java, have never programmed before, so I can´t help too much in this project, but I read the todo.txt and there is something I cand do: comment every method of each classes. As I said before I never programmed in java before, but the litte bit I had studied showed me it´s a very similar language to C++, and php. And as I know c++ java doesn´t look very difficult to me, it´s only a matter of time. And also, of course I could make a translation to brazilian portuguese. I´m still developing the routine to read the header, format gtp was easy, gp4 there is a full explanation how it works, I´m finishing the gp3 function, but could use some help. I´d be glad if you could at least tell me wich file and class is relationed to reading the file´s header. Grateful. Eternal life to open source!!

    • Mauricio Gracia Gutierrez

      About the classes that read the files you can start to look at the: dguitar.codecs.guitarPro.version4.GP4InputStream
      The java documents are published in

      Since reading certain parts of the different GP* files does not change between versions, you will see some method/class reusage between different versions.

      We already have a person that help us with the Brazilian translation.

      Thanks for your post


    • Matthieu Wipliez


      I'd say that it should be quite easy if all you need is the file version. As a matter of fact the version  is located at the very beginning of Guitar Pro files as a GP-encoded string. You can find the code in the GPInputStream class, at the end of the file. Enjoy !

    • Moacir da Roza Flores

      Hello!! My name is Moacir da Roza, im a Brazilian Java Programing and a weekend guitarplayer hehehe .I am interested in translating the documentation and site  of dguitar.
      If if you to allow, of course...Im translating first the documentation. OK

    • Moacir da Roza Flores

      My mail is


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