next release?

  • theli_ua

    theli_ua - 2005-12-23

    what are the current plans on releasing the next not "dev" release?
    it's been quite a long time since last .... ( 0.4.2 )

    • Mauricio Gracia Gutierrez


      Its been very long indeed...but one of the reasons is that I have been doing most of the coding ALONE again as the beginning.

      I have received many emails from volunteers but none of them have delivered anything yet. But I am confident about two of them.

      I have published on the web and included on the latest DEV version the JAVADOCS to allow developers to understand better how everything works.

      Most of the plan for the next STABLE version is layout in the TODO.TXT...but i need a some feedback from the users of the program which i have not received as much as

      I bet there are more bugs out there that have not been found or reported by users.

      User should let me know what they want on the next release...which does not happen as much.

      GP5 decoding has been promised and hopefully delivered on February 2006

      Here is the MUST FINISH list from the TODO..when this tasks get done...maybe we can have a 0.5 release or even 0.6 release.

      Volunteers are welcome to improve this program and to release newfeatures sooner.

      / JFileChooser should NOT allow the rename of Files/Folders

      / Unify the playButton and playPanel of all windows on a playToolbar

      / add this Windows operations : (see DGDesktopPane)
          X Close all windows
          / Cascade,
          - Grid Layout (arrange windows in a matrix)
          - Tile Horiz
          - Tile Vert
          - minimize all
          - restore all

      / SLIDES
          X The width depends on the Beat Width
          - a SLIDE can join a note on the beat 1 with a note on the beat 3
          - Slides go on a SEPARATE LAYER since it can join beats on different measures
              see (TrackPanel method)
          X create the index method for the Slide types
          X depending on the IndexNumber the EON Label will be GIF or custom PAINTED
          X The setAnchor position for SLIDE_IN_* objects is not working fine.
          - adjust the getPoint method to set the EXACT location
          - the width of the slide must me narrow (depends on the width of the fret)
          - The inclination of SLIDE_SHIFT and SLIDE_LEGATO depends on the
            NextFret on the same this..
              if (NextFret >= currentFret)

      / OTHER Effects On NoteS (EONs)
          - hammer/pulls are allways draw after the current beat.
          - grace notes to the left of origin note
          / there are other bend types, besides the 5 types that are now shown
          / the horizontal line that conects the vertical rhythm lines (more testing)
              - when beats contain silences...horizontal rhythm lines are showing
              (see blue.gp4)

      / Let the user select which midi device he would like to use (Midi Preferences)
          - JDK 1.4.2 does not provide a method for this ?
          - JRE 1.5 is still not available for MacOs.

      / Work on the visual playing of a Score
          X move all musicCursor syncronized
          X When the music is auto-scrolled, the bars are now refreshed correclty
          X how to perform the automatic horizontal scrolling
          - When the cursor goes back before the actual measure, the scrolling is not going back as expected
          - When the BARS are really wide..the forward scrolling happens before the MusicCursor has moved

      Let me know what you thinkg


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