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GitHub Fork

I have created a GitHub repository with a mirror of this code. That is where I plan to incorporate any new changes since it is easier to maintain than the CVS repo here. I will continue to upload new executables to this page as I can.

Posted by AlaskanShade 2016-03-30

Version 1.2.4208 Released

This version fixes a bug in the merged executable where no file extensions are recognized. The solution and project in the source are now Visual Studio 2010 versions, but still compiled against .Net 2.0.

Posted by AlaskanShade 2011-01-11

Version 1.2.3883 Released

After several months, I figured it was time to get some of the code I have been working on uploaded. This version includes a number of new features including a few experimental ones like a chart to graph elevation.

Downloads and full release notes can be found here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dgmanager-net/files

Posted by AlaskanShade 2010-08-19

Version 1.0.3155 Released

This version adds a preview tab as well as various other fixed and updates. Check the release notes for details.

Download the files here: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=201598&package_id=239808&release_id=621201

Posted by AlaskanShade 2008-08-21

DGManager.NET 1.0.3098 Released

Posted by Reuben Bluff 2008-06-25

DGManager.NET 1.0.2947 Released

Release 1.0.2947
- 1.0.2945 files were bad, so re-built and reposted. No program changes.

Release 1.0.2945
- Fixed bug introduced in 1.0.2937 with displaying points that have altitude data.

Release 1.0.2937 - Point List Speedup Release
- I changed the point grid to a ListView control using virtual list mode. Much much faster! :-)
- Added column for manual point marker since ListView background color cannot be changed as easily as previous control.
- Default is fixed size columns without auto-resizing - for speed.

Posted by Rich Taylor 2008-02-09

DGManager.NET 1.0.2937 Released

Big speedup for the point list display. See release notes or the source for details.

Posted by Rich Taylor 2008-01-17

A new developer

Rich Taylor has had some ideas on how to improve the performance of DGManager.NET; specifically the speed of the points tab. He's been added to the project as a developer.

Welcome to the team, Rich, and thanks for helping out!

Posted by Reuben Bluff 2008-01-08

Project put on hold

I have stopped developing DGManager.NET for the time being. I believe the program works "well enough" for now, and other projects have taken priority.

My apologies to those people who have submitted unfulfilled feature requests.

Posted by Reuben Bluff 2008-01-02

DGManager.NET 1.0.2876 Released

Posted by Reuben Bluff 2007-11-16

DGManager.NET 1.0.2832 Released

Posted by Reuben Bluff 2007-10-02

DGManager.NET 1.0.2831 Update

For some reason, the download link is pointing to 1.0.2798.

If you go to the downloads page, you can see 1.0.2831 at the top.


Posted by Reuben Bluff 2007-10-02

DGManager.NET 1.0.2831 Released

Posted by Reuben Bluff 2007-10-01

DGManager.NET 1.0.2798 Released

Posted by Reuben Bluff 2007-08-29

DGManager.NET 1.0.2789 Released

Posted by Reuben Bluff 2007-08-21

DGManager.NET 1.0.2781 Released

Posted by Reuben Bluff 2007-08-12

DGManager.NET 1.0.2774 Released

Posted by Reuben Bluff 2007-08-05

DGManager.NET 1.0.2762 Released

The main feature of this release is the ability to open GPX files, which should make DGManager.NET useful to a wider group of users.

Download from here:


See the changelog here:


Posted by Reuben Bluff 2007-07-25

DGManager.NET 1.0.2761 Released

Posted by Reuben Bluff 2007-07-24