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D-Fend Reloaded / News: Recent posts

D-Fend Reloaded 0.8.0 has been released

This is a major release which brings a lot of new features and also fixes all currently know bugs. The changelog:

  • DOSBox 0.73 is supported and bundled with D-Fend Reloaded.
  • The user can switch between different icon sets for the toolbar, the menus
    and the dialogs now.
  • The dialog for scanning the games folder for new games has been rewritten
    and offers more options now.
  • Faster program start when using large game lists.
  • More settings in the multiple profiles editor.
  • New program icon and logo made by burnsflipper, the designer of the original
    D-Fend logo.
  • New tab "Notes" at the bottom of the program window for direct access to the
    stored game notes.
  • Now you can choose to use the game filesnames or the folder names as names
    for the new profiles when scanning the games folder for new games.
  • Via the new multiple shortcut creation dialog you can create shortcuts for
    more than one game at once.
  • Now the user can select the profile name, the template to use, the
    destination folder and the file to start when importing zip files
    (regardless if the new game was identified by an auto setup template or not).
  • Support for user-defined interpreters (like before only for QBasic) inside
  • Better algorithm for scaling images when displaying captured screenshots.
  • Now icons can also be added to the icon manager by dragging them to the icon
    manager window and by scanning the games folder for new icons. Additionally
    the icon manager will show icons added by copying them to the icons folder
  • New optional start mode: Fullscreen without window border.
  • The default parent directory for the capture folders for games can be
    configurated in the setup dialog now.
  • The icon size for the game icons in the games list in view mode "Icon" can
    be configurated now.
  • The first start wizard has been improved and now is easier to use.
  • Now "Pause" can be chosen as DOSBox background priority.
  • The scan games folder for new games function is now also respecting the extra
    program folders of existing profiles and is not trying to detect games in
    this folders anymore.
  • Cleaned up menu structure (in particular the function for creating archive or
    exe packages for multiple games have been moved from the Extras to the Export
  • Option to hide the menubar.
  • Faster search for DOSBox if it is not stored in the default directory.
  • [Fix] Error message when closing the profile editor dialog when editing a
  • [Fix] If the first run wizard is closed by clicking the window close "X" the
    settings are not stored.
  • [Fix] Now 16-bit Windows exe files are also recogniced as Windows program
    files and the user is warned if he trys to start a 16-bit Windows program
    file via DOSBox.
  • [Fix] When running a profile using a helper program to be executed after the
    main program via a shortcut the helper program was not executed.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2009-07-28

D-Fend Reloaded 0.7.0 has been released

This is a major release which brings a lot of new features and also fixes all currently know bugs. The changelog:

  • Dutch language file (thanks to Tim Molderez)
  • Italian language file (thanks to Filippo Bartoli)
  • Archive files not created by D-Fend Reloaded can now also be imported.
    (D-Fend Reloaded will try to auto detect and setup the game.)
  • Now the games folder can be scaned for new games (which will be added
    automatically then).
  • Support for external archiving programs lets D-Fend Reloaded handle other
    archive formats than zip and 7z.
  • New toolbar icons.
  • Many new options for automatically and manual selection of the right physical
    CD drive to mount on DOSBox start (for example mount drive by file or folder
    on CD or ask the user to select a drive).
  • Option to run some other program (for example a hardware setup tool) before
    and after the main program (DOSBox or ScummVM).
  • The genre and language names in game profiles can now be translated on the
    fly so profiles created via auto setup templates etc. will always be shown
    with translated names for the genre and the language of the game.
  • Integration in the Vista Game Explorer.
  • Again some improvements to the long to (DOSBox) short file name converter
    (thank you to skatz).
  • A new custom settings edit field in the profile editor for ScummVM profiles
    allows to add any custom configuration settings to the ScummVM ini file
    when starting a ScummVM profile.
  • Added new functions in ScummVM profile editor: Option to disable joystick
    support, option to setup an extra path, option to setup render mode,
    option to setup game platform and option to define custom languages for
    games (and to setup the default languages list for the games in the setup
  • Option to setup data folder automatically for new profiles in wizard.
  • Many new functions in the multiple profiles editor.
  • The program file icon of the Windows program file will be used as the default
    icon on Windows game profiles.
  • The sound previewer and the quick starter now also can playback MIDI files.
  • Now the D-Fend Reloaded main window can (optionally) be restored when ScummVM
  • The D-Fend Reloaded main window can be minimized before a Windows game
    profile is started and restored when the program quits (both optional).
  • You can define a default keyboard layout and a default codepage per DOSBox
    installation now.
  • On the first page of the of the wizard now you can choose how many things the
    wizard should ask you. (In the default configuration the wizard will be much
    easier to handle if there is a auto setup template for the game.)
  • Now you can add user defined game information as columns to the games list.
  • Auto setup templates from existing profiles can now also be created via the
    export menu.
  • Now also images from the games data folder can be used in screenshot mode in
    the games list.
  • The column widths in the games list can be restored to the last state on
    program start now.
  • The history dialog has been extended with some statistic functions.
  • If the translation of a long path name to a short DOSBox name fails, the
    program will show a warning message now.
  • Support for the DOSBox CVS build features "securemode", "pixelshader",
    "cpumode" and the new CD drive accessing modes "ioctl_dx", "ioctl_dio" and
  • Now you can also define submenus in the "Old games" custom menu.
  • The link lists for "Search for game" and "Old games" in the help menu can be
    imported and exported now.
  • Updated DOSZip from 1.28 to 1.31.
  • Moved most program files to a "Bin" subfolder of the installation directory
    and moved all configuration files to a "Settings" subfolder of the
    installation data directory. (This will make the usage of portable
    installations easier because less files in the main program main directory
    will make finding the DFend.exe faster.)
  • Now also icons inside program dialogs can be replaced via the Icons.ini file.
  • "Open program folder" now also available for ScummVM and Windows games.
  • [Fix] Starting games via DOSBox failed if the game file uses a long filename
    and the DOSBox drive was mounted via a relative path name.
  • [Fix] Creation of zip archives could fail if the profile uses a drive image
    which is located inside the (already included) games folder.
  • [Fix] Creation of installer packages or zip packages will result in to big
    files if the game to pack uses iso images or zipped drives.
  • [Fix] The selected ScummVM save path was assigned to ScummVM correctly.
  • [Fix] Seleting "French (Canada)" as language results in an English program
  • [Fix] When using the option "File path is relative to the DOSBox directory
    structure" D-Fend Reloaded shows an error message when closing the profile
    editor and when starting the profile (but then starts the profile correctly).
  • [Fix] Access violation when trying to show the "No file name" warning when
    adding a Windows game profile and not entering a file name to start.
  • [Fix] If a prof file with the same name already exists in the destination
    path while transfering profiles the profile file was not copied to the
    destination correctly. (The algorithm for finding an alternative file name
    changed the profile filename in a wrong way.)
  • [Fix] The ScummVM games list stored in the ScummVM.dat file was not always
    read correctly on program start up.
  • [Fix] When using the restore window size on start up function sometings the
    menu bar gets invisible.
  • [Fix] Uninstaller is not removing uninstall entry from Windows software list.
  • [Fix] In some long to short path name related error messages wrong
    information have been displayed.
  • [Fix] The option "Close DOSBox when program closes" is not working on running
    extra program files via the context menu.
  • [Fix] Warning message when running ScummVM based games from zip files via a
    D-Fend Reloaded desktop shortcut.
  • [Fix] Error message when loading toolbar images not in bmp format via the
    Icons.ini file.
  • [Fix] Transparency not working in user defined toolbar images.
  • [Fix] Reduced number of colors in screenshot preview for new screenshots
    after returning from fullscreen DOSBox.
  • [Fix] Reduced number of colors in some png screenshots in the preview area
    in the main window.
  • [Fix] Spelling bug in installer package nsi script.
  • [Fix] On smaller screen resolutions the D-Fend Reloaded program window
    could be a bit to high. (The taskbar has not been subtracted from the
    available desktop height.)
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2009-04-28

D-Fend Reloaded 0.6.1 has been released

This is a bugfix release with no new features. The changelog:

  • Improved Windows long pathname to DOSBox short pathname converter (thanks to
    Alexander Katz).
  • The select image dialog for adding image files as harddisks in the profile
    editor will now also show cue sheet files.
  • Smarter initial directory when opening selection dialog for text editor, wave
    encoder and ScummVM.
  • [Fix] Opening text files in "Use default editor for file type" mode sometimes
    did not work.
  • [Fix] Sometimes an access violation occured just after uninstalling a game.
  • [Fix] Selecting/Unselecting profiles via the "Select by..." buttons in the
    "Build installer" dialog etc. did not work with "Not set" values.
  • [Fix] Wrong view style (icon instead of list) in the sounds and the videos
    previewer area at the bottom of the main window.
  • [Fix] Access violation while displaying an error message if renameing a
    screenshot is not possible (for example because a file with the new entered
    name already exists).
  • [Fix] Execution of Windows programs could fail under some rare conditions
    (this only affected helper programs like text editors etc. and not Windows
    games started via the games list).
  • [Fix] Problem if virtual serial port is working as a modem in DOSBox and
    "Listen for connections" is turned off.
  • [Fix] Screenshots, sounds and videos lists not always sorted correctly.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-10-31

D-Fend Reloaded 0.6.0 has been released

This is a major release which brings a lot of new features and also fixes all currently know bugs. The changelog:

  • Polish language file (thanks to Adam Sosnowski)
  • Explorer-like quick starter interface for easy browsing through the games
    folder and directly starting DOS program files and making profiles of an
    existing DOS program file.
  • You can specify zip files as ScummVM games now. D-Fend Reloaded will
    automatically extract the zip file, run ScummVM and repack the game folder
    content to the zip file when ScummVM has closed.
  • The profile editor and the profile wizard now also support setting a saved
    games path for ScummVM profiles.
  • The profile editor now supports all game specific settings known in ScummVM.
  • Now the games list can also be filtered by emulation type (DOSBox, ScummVM
    and Windows).
  • German online help.
  • New language file "French Canada" (same as "French" but will select qwerty
    keyboard layout instead of azerty and codepage 437 instead of 850 in DOSBox).
  • Now you can also create profiles for Windows games via the profile wizard.
  • In the template dialog now you can also edit the ScummVM default template.
  • In the profile wizard you do not need to go to the last page before the
    "Ok" button will be activated.
  • The profile wizard will now automatically suggest a name for the new profile
    from the selected template or the program file name. (To allow this
    D-Fend Reloaded will not ask for the profile name on the first page of the
    profile wizard but on the game information page.)
  • New program icon (thanks to T.B. from
  • The game data folder viewer on the bottom of the main window will now
    automatically update its file list if the folder on harddisk changes.
    Additionally files and folders can be renamed and deleted and new folders can
    be created via context menu of the data folder viewer now.
  • Now you can configurate in the setup dialog which files should be moved to
    the recycle bin and which should be deleted irrevocable when deleting files
    from within D-Fend Reloaded.
  • New optional column "notes" in list view mode "report".
  • New setup option for configuration the appearance of the games list: Show
    grid lines in view mode "report".
  • Option to open the capture folder in the Explorer right from the context menu
    of the capture viewer area.
  • The player for captured sounds can also play ogg files (if there is a codec
    installed on the system for ogg files) now.
  • The user data section on the game information page of the profile editor will
    suggest names for keys and values from the existing profiles when adding
    lines or changing values.
  • In the setup dialog now you can choose which text editor D-Fend Reloaded
    should use when opening text files. Additionally you can setup to
    automatically fix the line wraping of text files if needed when opening them.
  • In the setup dialog now you can choose which viewers/players for images,
    sounds and videos should be used when doubleclicking a file in the captured
    data viewer on the bottom of the main window.
  • When creating ScummVM ini files all settings from the default ScummVM
    configuration file are also added.
  • When dragging files to the D-Fend Reloaded program window to copy them to
    the data folder of the active profile, now you can also drag and drop
    complete directories.
  • Now you can drop files directly to the screenshots/sounds/videos viewer or to
    the data viewer pane (including subdirectories).
  • Smarter method of detecting the running DOSBox instances when using the
    "Restore program window when DOSBox closes function".
  • Now you can zoom the image in the screenshot viewer and videos in the video
    previewer by pressing + or - and by moving the mouse wheel while holding
    Ctrl. By pressing * or 0 you can go back to 100% zoom. And by pressing escape
    you can close the preview dialog.
  • New options "Center ScummVM window" and "Hide ScummVM console" in program
    settings dialog.
  • When adding a drive to a profile the edit drive dialog will offer the drive
    type used the last time when added a new drive to a profile at first in the
    drive type dropdown box.
  • On the setup page for the screenshot view mode now you can define which
    screenshot number to use if no explicit screenshot is defined for a game.
  • [Fix] When using some other DOSBox installation than the one in the "DOSBox"
    subdirectory of the D-Fend Reloaded program directory as default DOSBox
    installation, D-Fend Reloaded will reset the path at each start.
  • [Fix] The game and the setup program parameters for Windows games were
  • [Fix] When switching between profiles with and without a data folders the
    data folder tab at the bottom of the main windows could have displayed some
    wrong content.
  • [Fix] Clicking the buttons for selecting or searching the DOSBox directory
    and for selecting a mapper file in the "More DOSBox settings" dialog (on
    DOSBox settings page of the program options dialog) did nothing.
  • [Fix] When creating a portable D-Fend Reloaded installation from the transfer
    profiles dialog the mediaplr.dll file was not copyed to the destination
    folder and so the D-Fend.exe in the destination folder could not start.
  • [Fix] In profile editor all four serial port pages showed data for first
    serial port.
  • [Fix] The chosen music driver in ScummVM profiles was not given to ScummVM
    when starting a profile.
  • [Fix] Until now D-Fend Reloaded tried to find the scummvm.ini file for
    reading the default theme path etc. in the ScummVM program directory instead
    of the path reported by ScummVM (usualy $APPDATA\ScummVM).
  • [Fix] When trying to display damaged images in the screenshot viewer area an
    unhandled exception could occur.
  • [Fix] Wrong colors or reduction of the number of colors when exporting
    captured screenshots.
  • [Fix] D-Fend Reloaded failed to play video files of other types than avi via
    the captured videos player.
  • [Fix] When switching between images of the same size in the screenshot
    previewer the statusbar was not updated.
  • [Fix] When creating a zip package for a ScummVM profile the ScummVM ini file
    needed to use the zip file without D-Fend Reloaded was not included to it.
  • [Fix] When dragging video files to the main window they got copied into the
    data folder instead of into the capture folder.
  • [Fix] When using the minimize to tray option and restoring the program window
    it loses the input focus right after restore.
  • [Fix] In screenshots view mode sometimes there are wrong images associated to
    wrong games in games list.
  • [Fix] The DOSBox language selected in the profile editor was not used when
    starting DOSBox.
  • [Fix] Screenshots may got displayed distorted in the screenshot preview area.
  • [Fix] Function "Restore main window when DOSBox closes" will not restore the
    D-Fend Reloaded main window if it was already minimized before DOSBox was
    started (because of using the tray area mini starter).
  • [Fix] Added missing default values in "scaler" section of the profile editor.
  • [Fix] Current selected game is deselected after closing setup dialog.
  • [Fix] The drive type names on the "Drives" page and the priority levels on
    the "DOSBox settings" page of the profile editor were not translateable. Also
    the info label on the data folder panel was not translated.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-10-20

D-Fend: Reloaded 0.5.0 has been released

D-Fend Reloaded is a graphical environment for DOSBox. D-Fend Reloaded is a successor of the discontinued D-Fend. Both environments look alike and D-Fend Reloaded contains all features of D-Fend. Even the D-Fend config files can be used.

This is a major release which brings a lot of new features and also fixes all currently know bugs. Ths changelog:

  • Danish language file (thanks to Jens Peter Jensen)
  • Traditional Chinese language file (thanks to muzuiget)
  • Zip and 7z archives can be used as drives now. Additionally D-Fend Reloaded
    can repack the changed files to the zip archive when using a PhysFS folder
    and zip file pair.
  • You can make zip packages from installed games (just like the exe installers)
    for long time archiving your games. The zip archive will contain all game
    data (prof file, game files, icon, captured images/sound/videos, additional
    data files). And of course you can import games stored in a zip package to
    D-Fend Reloaded agian. (They can be installed via the File|Import menu or
    even via drag&drop.)
  • D-Fend Reloaded has got an online help.
  • When uninstalling or transfering game or building installer packages the
    image files used as drive will be respected, too.
  • You can manage multiple DOSBox installations with individual settings via the
    setup dialog now. In the profile editor you can choose one of this predefined
    DOSBox installations or choose an custom DOSBox path.
  • Now you can also manage your Windows based games as profiles. (When starting
    a Windows based profile D-Fend Reloaded simply starts the given program file.
    The benefit of this function is you can manage all your games in one GUI.)
  • For each profile you can configurate to use another DOSBox language than the
    language defined in the DOSBox settings.
  • You can browse through the content of the profile data folders via the new
    "Data folder" tab in the screenshots viewer area.
  • D-Fend Reloaded can display captured videos like captured screenshots and
    captured sounds now.
  • The new profile list view style "Screenshots" allows to browse through the
    list of profiles by screenshots.
  • You can search for information about games via a (editable) list of web game
    search engines from the profile editor, the "Profile" menu and the context
    menu of a profile.
  • D-Fend Reloaded can store additionally to the program and the setup file
    other program files (for example a level editor) which are offered to start
    via the context menu of the profile and the profile menu.
  • Now screenshots taken by ScummVM can also be managed within D-Fend Reloaded.
  • You can specify a custom link name and a link comment in the create shortcut
    dialog now.
  • Setup dialog option to configurate D-Fend Reloaded to run in a Wine
  • The disk image creator can (optional) create plain, unformated images now.
  • The profile list can be checked for missing files and directories.
  • D-Fend Reloaded will warn you, if you try to setup a Windows exe file to run
    in DOSBox.
  • Now you can setup if the DOSBox console should stay open when an error in
    DOSBox occures.
  • You can choose to temporary disable the screensaver when DOSBox is running.
  • The list of links to old games web sites is editable now.
  • You can change the zoom level in the screenshot dialog by a new toolbar
    button now.
  • You can (optional) set a new screenshot folder and remove the data folder
    record when copying a profile.
  • You can change the font style (bold, italic, underline) for displaying the
    favorites now.
  • The view conf file option will use the default txt editor instead of always
    using notepad.
  • Some more speed improvements when working with large profile lists.
  • [Fix] The "Run setup" toolbar button was not working.
  • [Fix] Creation of 2880KB ("extended density") floppy images failed.
  • [Fix] When using long folder names inside a DOSBox drive D-Fend Reloaded may
    tryed to start files in the wrong folder because Windows and DOSBox used
    different ways of translating long to short file names.
  • [Fix] When "UseShortFolderNames" was turned off in the DFend.ini the loading
    of PhysFS drives with spaces in their file oder folder names failed.
  • [Fix] Adding a new profile if the modern profile editor is activated and
    reopen last active tab was chosen results in an access violation.
  • [Fix] The chosen ScummVM filter setting has not been saved when closing the
    profile editor.
  • [Fix] The chosen ScummVM game language was not shown correctly when reopening
    the profile editor again.
  • [Fix] When using the "Reopen last profile editor page" was used and the
    "Profile" page was the last used page the profile editor showed a wrong page
    setup of the profile page when reopening.
  • [Fix] Trying to play an invalid audio file resulted in an infinite loop of
    error dialog boxes.
  • [Fix] The size of capture viewer area was not restored when "Restore window
    size on program start" was activated.
  • [Fix] Caption of icon manager was not translated.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-08-22

D-Fend Reloaded 0.4.1 has been released

This release is a bugfix release with no new features. The changelog:

  • When using the option to minimize D-Fend Reloaded while DOSBox is running and
    DOSBox is changing the resolution, D-Fend Reloaded will no longer rely on the
    Windows window placement and restore its correct position itself.
  • Some smaller speed improvements when working with large profile lists.
  • [Fix] Access violation when opening a screenshot from a profile containing
    more than one screenshot.
  • [Fix] Error message when trying to run a D-Fend Reloaded desktop game link
    while "Minimize when DOSBox starts" is activated.
  • [Fix] When selecting the default template in the template editor the "Delete"
    menu item was not disabled (like the toolbar icon and the item in the context
  • [Fix] DOSBox did not start if the given DOSBox language file did not exist.
  • [Fix] Closed some memory leaks in screenshot viewer, setup dialog and program
    info dialog.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-05-22

D-Fend Reloaded 0.4.0 has been released

This is a major release which brings a lot of new features and also fixes all currently know bugs. Ths changelog:

  • Simplified Chinese language file (thanks to muzuiget)
  • The new profile wizard has been completely redesigned. With the new auto
    setup templates new profiles (for games known by the D-Fend Reloaded
    database) can be setup by only entering the game name and the filename.
  • ScummVM based advantures can be configurated and listed together with the
    DOSBox based profiles now.
  • If you define a QBasic interpreter in the setup dialog, you can define bas
    files as normal program files for games. When executing a bas file profile
    D-Fend Reloaded will automatically execute it in QBasic in DOSBox.
  • A new first run wizard makes setting up language and updates for new users
    much easier.
  • The content of image files can be extracted to a folder now.
  • You can build a floppy image from the content of a folder now.
  • If you copy prof files to the "Confs" folder while D-Fend Reloaded is running
    they will be added to the games list immediately.
  • Icons form outside the "IconLibrary" folder can now also be used as profile
    icons (and can be transfered with the profile and included to installers just
    like the icons in the default icons folder).
  • If you delete a profile file while D-Fend Reloaded is running it will ask you
    if you want to restore the deleted file.
  • Now you can setup a codepage to be used in DOSBox for each profile.
    Additionally there is a default codepage stored in each language file which
    will be used if the codepage is set to "default" in the profile.
  • Now you can (optionally) define a key mapper file for each profile. (If no
    key mapper file is defined, the DOSBox default key mapper file will be used.)
  • A list of batch commands which DOSBox will run after the end of the game can
    be defined now (some kind of complement of the Autoexec.bat commands).
  • Now you can also make installer packages from your profile templates.
  • The templates dialog now has an option to change multiple templates at once
    (like the multi profile editor for normal profile).
  • More option to configurate low-level access to mounted CDROMs.
  • When creating floppy images you can choose to make the image bootable now.
  • The tray icon has a context menu for direct starting and adding of profiles.
  • The transfer profiles function can create a portable version of D-Fend
    Reloaded (by copying files from the current installation and modifing the
    configuration) in the destination folder before copying the profile data.
  • Now you can define if the path to the game and the setup exe file should be
    interpreted absolute (in the physical file system) or relative (to the file
    system in DOSBox).
  • Now you can configurate in the setup dialog if D-Fend Reloaded should show
    configuration options in the profile editor which can only be used with
    DOSBox CVS builds (like multiple floppy images per drive, PhysFS support,
    setting the number of text mode lines, VGA chipset and video RAM, Glide
    emulation and printer support).
  • When changeing multiple profiles, creating installers etc. now you can select
    and unselect profiles also by any user defined information. (Until now
    selecting was only possible by the predefined fields like language,
    developer, year, etc.)
  • Profiles (conf and prof files), screenshots and captured sound can be
    imported by drag&drop now. Dragging program files to the D-Fend Reloaded
    program window will open the new profile wizard with the chosen file.
  • Within the multi profile editor you can add, change and delete user-defined
    information fields now.
  • For each profile you can define some extra files which will be transfered,
    uninstalled and packed into installer packages together with the other game
    files (like it is already possible with the extra directories).
  • The profile editor will show a warning if the user trys to create a new
    profile with no game program filename (and is not using a boot image option).
  • When opening the select game exe or select setup exe dialog from the profile
    editor or the wizard the path of the setup exe or the game exe (if already
    defined) will be used as initial directory instead of the games base
  • When a checksum error (changed or exchanged game program file) is detected,
    D-Fend Reloaded now also offers the option to turn off checksums for the
    profile (until now only keep old checksum or create new checksum).
  • The checksum driven game file change detection can be turned off in the setup
    dialog now.
  • The mount dialog will show a warning if the users trys to use the same drive
    letter for two mounted drives.
  • The mount dialog will show a warning message if the users trys to mount the
    the root directory of a drive.
  • The dialog for playing captured game sounds has been improved: You can jump
    to any position in the file via a slider and the captured wave sound can be
    encoded to mp3 or ogg directly from the dialog now.
  • The screenshot view dialog has been improved: You can cycle though the
    screenshots of a profile via two new toolbar buttons (or by using the cursor
    keys or the mouse wheel) without closing the dialog. Additionally the zoom
    level is set to 100% when a new image is loaded.
  • The import conf file function now trys to make mount records from the mount
    commands of the autoexec section.
  • Now you can setup which icons should be visible on the toolbar.
  • The tooltips in the games list now also show the last modification time of
    each profile.
  • Some new icons in the modern and classic profile editor (thanks to Banjo).
  • [Fix] Even if you choose "Restore profile on disk with version from memory"
    when a file conflict occures the profile on disk will not be changed and
    the version in memory will be lost as long as you do not make any changes to
    the profile in memory before closing D-Fend Reloaded.
  • [Fix] The boot from floppy image function did not work if you used a single
    image file.
  • [Fix] When using D-Fend Reloaded in portable mode the path to the DOSBox
    language file was not updated properly what could DOSBox prevent from
  • [Fix] The main activation of DOSBox IPX support is not written to the
    DOSBox conf file when starting a profile with IPX support enabled.
  • [Fix] When installing D-Fend Reloaded in user directory mode (the default
    installation mode) the templates were only created for the user account the
    installer was run from.
  • [Fix] The column visible status was not saved when closing the setup dialog
    if the columns were not in default order.
  • [Fix] When changing the filename of a profile all character after the first
    "." in the new filename were removed.
  • [Fix] The capture folder settings were ignored when importing conf files.
  • [Fix] User defined fields were ignored when exporting a games list.
  • [Fix] Wrong language in dialogs after changing the program language but
    closing the setup dialog with "Cancel".
  • [Fix] When using the "Minimize to tray" option together with "Start
    minimized" the application is minimized to the taskbar instead of the tray
    area on programm start-up.
  • [Fix] When adding a new profile via the wizard the information fields (genre,
    developer, etc.) of the new profile always showed "Not set" until restart of
    the program.
  • [Fix] Wrong default icon in the profile select dialog which opens when
    clicking on "Template from profile" in the templates dialog.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-05-14

D-Fend Reloaded 0.3.2 has been released

This release is a bugfix release with only some smaller improvements. The changelog:

  • French language file (thanks to Christophe Bertrand)
  • Russian language file (thanks to Alexander Katz)
  • The installer and the data package installers are now also available in all
    five currently supported languages.
  • All available CDs can automatically be mounted at DOSBox start (optional,
    configurateable per profile).
  • Floppy images can be written back to real floppy disks.
  • The profile files will only be updated on disk on program close if this is
    really needed. (This makes using multiple instances of D-Fend Reloaded at the
    same time easier.)
  • A warning message will appear if you try to run a game from a profile made
    for some other game. (With each profile checksums for the game and the setup
    exe will be stored automatically compared with the real exe when trying to
    run the game.)
  • A warning message will appear if you try to run a program file which is not
    reachable via any mounted folder.
  • The function that builds the autoexec commands to run the game now also looks
    on mounted CDs for a path to the file and when there are overlapping mounts
    it will use the shortest path instead of the first matching path.
  • The screenshot capture folder will be chossen automatically for new profiles
    (until now screenshot capture folder was only setup automatically when adding
    profiles via the wizard). This feature can be turned off in the setup dialog.
  • It can be configurated now what should be shown in the games list if there
    are undefined values for genre, developer, etc. (by default "not set").
  • [Fix] Mounting of real CD drives does not work if no CD is in the drive when
    starting DOSBox.
  • [Fix] Changes made to "Window resolution", "Fullscreen resolution" and
    "Scale" in the multiple profile were not saved.
  • [Fix] The default profile cannnot be changed with the modern style profile
    editor because when closing the dialog an "You have to define a name for the
    new game." error occurs.
  • [Fix] In the language editor the last language string of each section was not
  • [Fix] The "Set default screenshot folder" button in the profile editor does
    not detect and remove illegal characters in the profile name.
  • [Fix] The sound prebuffer value written from the profile to the DOSBox config
    file was wrong.
  • [Fix] The "Reopen last active profile editor page" does not work when using
    the modern profile editor.
  • [Fix] When changing the language in the setup dialog the "window size at
    program start" dropdown box was reset to the default value.
  • [Fix] When starting the first run wizard by deleting the DFend.ini a second
    "DOSBox DOS" profile was created instead of reseting the existing one to the
    default values.
  • [Fix] Pressing the "Insert" and "Delete" keys in the environment variables
    editor table may changes the the list of environment variables in unexpected
  • [Fix] When browsing for a installation directory in the program installer and
    in data packages installers always a "\D-Fend Reloaded" was added to the
    choosen folder.
  • [Fix] When opening the multi profile editor the second tab (things to change)
    instead the first tab (selecting profiles for change) was active.
  • [Fix] Untranslated button caption in language select dialog for language
    editor and misspelled string in profile editor.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-02-29

D-Fend Reloaded 0.3.1 has been released

This release is a bugfix release with only very few new features. The changelog:

  • CDs can be ripped to ISO images and used as DOSBox drives.
  • Floppy disks can be ripped to IMG images and used as DOSBox drives.
  • Screenshots and captured sounds can be renamed.
  • Captured screenshots can be set as windows wallpaper image.
  • If DOSBox is started in window mode, the DOSBox window can be centered on
  • [Fix] CPU cycles settings "Auto" and "Max" in the modern profile editor
    dialog did not work.
  • [Fix] In the "Edit multiple profiles" the "Fullscreen resolution" did not
  • [Fix] When using the "Restore window size on program start" option the games
    list keeps empty until you click on a category on the left at program start.
  • [Fix] When pressing enter in the setup dialog shown at first program start
    you got an "No game is selected in list." error.
  • [Fix] Choose DOSBox directory as current directory when starting DOSBox to
    make DOSBox find files in its own directory.
  • [Fix] The "Use as default profile" option in the template profile editor did
    not work.
  • [Fix] When changing the language in the setup dialog the "Mode" dropdown
    box shows an empty value until you choose one of the two modes again.
  • [Fix] Default values for "Resolution" corrected.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-02-18

D-Fend Reloaded 0.3.0 has been released

This release is brings many new features. The main new feature categories are:

  • More DOSBox settings (some of them using the FreeDOS tools):
    Different DOSBox installations for each profile configurateable, Reported DOS
    version, Key status for num, caps and scroll lock, 2-button mouse mode,
    sound volume, ...

  • Easy profile handling:
    New profile editor (the classic D-Fend style editor is also still avaible and
    up-to-date with all new settings), managing captured wave sounds with option
    to encode them to mp3 (encoder not included; can use lame for example) or ogg,
    filtering profiles by user-defined categories, ...... read more

Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-02-08

D-Fend Reloaded 0.2.0 has been released

This release is mainly a new features release (but a lot of old bugs are fixed too):

  • New dialog for changing multiple profiles at once.
  • The serial port settings can be changed via a dialog now.
  • If installed with the FreeDOS commandline tools, 4DOS can be set up as commandline interpreter in profile editor.
  • If installed with the FreeDOS commandline tools, DOS32A can be used as a replacement for the DOS/4GW protected mode extender.
  • Now you can specify multiple CD images for one drive mount and switch between them at DOSBox runtime.
  • Now you can specify multiple floppy images for booting from floppy image and switch between them at DOSBox runtime.
  • If a game has a data folder, D-Fend Reloaded can not only open this folder but also open a specific file in the data folder now (selectable via a directory list in form of menu).
  • Installer packages for single games can be built directly from the the profile context menu.
  • The DOSBox png screenshots can be saved as jpeg, gif or bmp image files now.
  • The creation of the games list is much faster now.
  • The DosBox program icon is used for the "DosBox DOS" default profile.
  • The game info tooltips in the games list can be turned off and on now.
  • More icons in the menu.
  • Updated DOSBox links in the help menu.
  • Added the vogons to the "Old games" link collection.
  • [Fix] The serial port settings were ignored when starting DosBox.
  • [Fix] Long lines in "Autoexec.bat" and "Custom setting" were split into two lines which can damage commandlines.
  • [Fix] Numerial values were not stored when closing profile editor if you entered less digits than the edit field allows.
  • [Fix] Added missing default value "auto" for joysticks.
  • [Fix] Fixed some spelling mistakes in the English language file.
  • [Fix] Wrong info text in DOSBox folder select dialog in setup dialog.
  • [Fix] I/O control is always shown as "No" in the drives list independend of the real state of I/O control.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-01-16

D-Fend Reloaded 0.1.2 has been released

This release is like the last release was mainly a bugfix release but also has some new features:

  • [Fix] Missing translations for Shortcuts
  • The function of the add button in the toolbar is now configurable
    (normal add, add with wizard or popup menu for operation).
  • [Fix] After changing the program language the categorys list on the
    "default values" page of the setup dialog contained the values in the
    old and the new language.
  • New setup option: Start on Windows boot (default: off)
  • New setup option: Start minimized (default: off)
  • [Fix] Missing translations for menu items in the games list popup menu
    and the screenshots popup menu
  • [Fix] Missing translation of message dialog captions and buttons
  • The program info dialog shows the names of the authors of the language files.
  • The games list can now be sorted by any column just by clicking the
    column header.
  • Spanish language file (Thanks to Neville from
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-01-04

D-Fend Reloaded 0.1.1 has been released

D-Fend Reloaded is a graphical environment for DosBox. In some way D-Fend Reloaded is a successor of the discontinued software D-Fend. Both environments look alike and D-Fend Reloaded contains all the features of D-Fend. Even the D-Fend config files are compatible with the current program. However, unlike D-Fend, D-Fend Reloaded is open source. The development objective for D-Fend Reloaded was (besides 100% D-Fend compability) to make the program operation more simple with respect to DosBox beginners. Simultaneously more features for administration and configuration became available.... read more

Posted by Alexander Herzog 2007-12-18