D-Fend Reloaded 1.2.0 has been released

D-Fend Reloaded 1.2.0 is a major release. The changelog:
- Updated DOSZip from 2.08 to 2.17.
- Added about 300 new auto setup templates.
- New "Select by" option in the profiles export dialog: Games for which there
is no auto setup template.
- New option to create package list xml files for plain archive files.
- In the extra program files dialog of the profile editor parameters for the
additional program files can be entered now.
- New function in the icons manager to add all icons from a selected folder
and its subfolders.
- Setup option to allow or block multiple instances of D-Fend Reloaded at the
same time.
- New option to setup the font style (bold, italic, underlined) for normal
games list entries.
- D-Fend Reloaded can store up to 9 internet addresses per profile now.
- Setup option to use the image viewer as a non-modal window.
- New option to change pixel shader settings in the multiple profiles editor.
- More ScummVM settings in the multiple profiles editor.
- The modes "hardware2x" and "hardware3x" will be added automatically to the
scalers list when activating the pixel shader GUI.
- New input fields on the MIDI page of the profile editor to setup MT32.
- Now you can set up custom DOSBox settings per DOSBox installation, too.
- Improved detection if the per profile keyboard mapper file is the same as the
global keyboard mapper file on the keyboard page of the profile editor.
- Additional user-defined command line parameters can be passed to ScummVM now.
- Now the icon manager will show icons located in sub folders of the icons
folder, too.
- Some smaller improvements to the first run wizard.
- [Fix] Incompatibility with ScummVM 1.3.x is fixed.
- [Fix] Storing the order of user defined columns in the games list did not
work correctly.
- [Fix] The package manager can handle splitted packages larger than 2 GB from
local sources now.
- [Fix] The options "Video chipset" and "Video RAM" in the multiple profiles
editor did not work correctly.
- [Fix] Displaying multiple bmp files in the screenshots previewer did not work
- [Fix] Opening the profile editor for an auto setup template could rise an
expection under some conditions.
- [Fix] The function "Convert absolute to relative paths" from the service page
of the program options dialog could rise an expection under some conditions.
- [Fix] Clicking the down button to reorder the list of user-defined emulators
on the "Other emulators" setup dialog page cause some settings to be
- [Fix] The names of the user-defined emulators in the dropdown box on the
"Other emulators" setup dialog page were not always correct.
- [Fix] When filtering the games list by emulation type when selecting
"Windows" also games using some user-defined emulators were listed.
- [Fix] The download/copy progress dialog shows wrong percent values in the
caption when copying large files from local sources.
- [Fix] When changing the program language the language of the entries in the
games list columns listbox did not change at once.
- [Fix] The list available of licenses was not displayed correctly in the
"Select by" menu.
- [Fix] The preferences for opening text, image and video files were not
respected when opening files from the data folder via the context or the
profile menu.

Posted by Alexander Herzog 2011-09-29

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