D-Fend Reloaded 1.1.0 has been released

D-Fend Reloaded 1.1.0 is a major release. The changelog:
- Updated DOSZip from 2.05 to 2.08.
- New option in the mobygames data reader to download all images available for
some game.
- Setup option to configure if history information of started games shall be
collected or not.
- Support for more special ykhwong DOSBox builds features.
- New optional games list column: Number of starts of the profile.
- When exporting the games list you can choose which fields to export.
- Now the package list creation and package download system can handle packages
larger than 2 GB by splitting them.
- The names for the files to look for a profile name suggestion when importing
plain archive files (default: FILE_ID.DIZ) is configurareable now.
- The history viewer dialog opens much faster now.
- The games list tooltips now also tells how often the selected profile has
been started.
- New setup dialog option to configure whether D-Fend Reloaded should add a
trailing backslash to path names when calling an external packer or not. (uha
needs path names without trailing backslashs.)
- Default command line parameter values for the external packers uha and arj32
are included now.
- User defined emulators will be listed as sub entries below "Emulation type"
in the games list filter tree.
- A new option to filter the games list by game license is offered in the
filter tree.
- Setup option to rename all media files in all profiles.
- The "Starting DOSBox failed" dialog now also allows to change the selected
SDL video driver.
- Option to reselect the last selected profile on program restart.
- The games list can be exported as a xml file now.
- New option in the icons library to rename all icon files to have upper or
lower file extensions.
- The package manager will display the download size of the selected games now.
- Some more new auto setup templates.
- The package manager will open faster now.
- Lower memory consumption on downloading large files via the package manager.
- Tuned the game and setup file detection code.
- [Fix] The automatic translation of the license fields in the profiles failed.
- [Fix] Sorting the columns in the history dialog by clicking the column
headers did not work for all columns correctly.
- [Fix] The second last games list column could not be moved down (to be the
last column) on the games list columns editor in the setup dialog.
- [Fix] Template names and custom game information keys containing "&" can
cause problems.
- [Fix] When running from a network share not connected to a drive letter
starting DOSBox failed.
- [Fix] When clicking the zoom button in the video previewer while a damaged
video file is selected or the needed codec is missing a division by zero
error message appeared.
- [Fix] Access violation when using the "Start" dialog from the tray icon menu
and opening a second dialog from the tray icon menu while the first dialog is
still open.

Posted by Alexander Herzog 2011-02-25

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