Dev-PHP 2.0.8 released

version 2.0.8
* better dialog for replace
* added call of external programs(please do not add more then 9 programs)
you can add on this way WINSCP, other Ftp-clients, code-beautifer
the currentfilename you can put with the string "%CURRFILE%" as parameter to the external
the shortcuts will be ALT+SHIFT+number of the external
* Filepath of doc,lang,parser may be relative to the applicationpath with "%DEVPHP%"
* changed <br> to <br /> and <hr> to <hr />
* many bugfixes in class browser
* some small bugfixes
* better Find function
1. Select text and then press Ctrl+F3 for find first from top of text and then F3 for find next.
2. Press Ctrl+F to open "Find dialog box", enter your text and accept then F3 for Find Next.
3. Select text and press Ctrl+F to open "Find dialog box" filled with this selected text.
thanks to hilaner at
* full translation of all dialogs / may be there are some messages but no more
* History for project files

Posted by Urs Mäder 2004-09-11

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