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  • Romel Alvarado

    Romel Alvarado - 2010-07-07

    I'm triying Dev-PHPportable_2.4.0.337
    Using php-5.3.2-Win32-VC6-x86
    I Have a form (which call to himself) with:
    - 1 Input type=hidden
    - 1 Input type=text
    - 1 Input type=submit
    When the form is submited, I make a print_r of $_GET and $_POST and I get that the values are reversed… I MEAN
    $_GET have the values of the $_POST and viceversa.
    But, this behaviour happend in Dev-PHPportable_2.4.0.337 version, I tested the same project in
    Dev-PHPportable_2.3.2, Dev-PHPportable_2.3.1, Dev-PHPportable_2.3.0, Dev-PHPportable_2.2.2; and that version works fine
    PD: each version was used with the same php version.

  • Pierre Fauconnier

    Thanks for having provided all the version numbers.
    Could you send a little script as an example of this inversion?

    Sorry for the late response. Regards,

  • Romel Alvarado

    Romel Alvarado - 2010-07-19

    has been the same code
    filename register.php

    $ce = null;
    if ( (strtoupper( $_SERVER ) == "POST" ) &&
         ( strpos($_SERVER, $_SERVER ) )

          case 1:{        
             $ce = $_POST;        
    <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">
    echo "$cmd \n<br/>";
    echo "$ce \n<br/>";
    print "GET:<br>\n";
    print "<br>\nPOST:<br>\n";
    <form name="selStudent" action="register.php" method="POST">
       <input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="1"/>
       <input type="text" name="txtEstCod"/>
       <input type="submit" name="cmdEstCod" value="Buscar"/>

  • Pierre Fauconnier

    Thanks for the example script.
    Weird: the $_SERVER variable seems ok

      string(4) "POST"
      string(44) "cmd=1&txtEstCod=hello+world&cmdEstCod=Buscar"

    Well… Work in progress.

  • Pierre Fauconnier

    In short, as a workaround, use the $_REQUEST array, instead of the $_POST

    So, I reviewed the changes from now (June 2010) until October 2006.
    The main difference is relative to the recent use of "unicode environment" when launching the php-cgi process.
    As far as I can see, the environment variables are the same, and are correctly sent to PHP.

    In fact, with the "GET" method, everything works fine. On the opposite, the "POST" method is not good.
    Now, PHP seems unable to initialize its $_POST internal array. Curiously, PHP seems to stop its parsing at the first character of the name of the first variable of the form, although the value of this first variable is correctly initialized - the next variables of the form are simply ignored.

    Because all variables are displayed at the bottom of the report…
    It's possible to replace the following code

      case 1:{
        $ce = $_POST;


    Best regards,

  • Romel Alvarado

    Romel Alvarado - 2010-07-23

    Thanks you for the answer.
    So, is this a PHP issue?
    Cuz, some times a use a "trick" sending a query string in the action property of the form tag (for example):
    <form name="frmAction" action="register.php?cmd=<?php echo $command ?>" method="post">
    Then I check if the request mode was "POST" then I get the form controls values with $_POST.
    And the variable which say what to do is Sent in the query String (cmd) and I get that value $_GET (…."register.php?cmd=1 / 2 / 3)

    I did print rows to the $_POST / $_GET arrays, just like a debug to see what was happening.
    I'm using XAMPP and the code works fine (ok, ok, ok XAMPP doesn't use php-cgi.exe).

  • Pierre Fauconnier

    > So, is this a PHP issue?
    In fact it was not. See also Bug #3113430

    Shame on me!
    Technically speaking, $_POST is an UTF8String and not an UnicodeString
    The fix is only 2 lines of code.
    *Fixed* ( Version >=

    Sincere apologies,


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