Error Message: Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000.

  • Jeff

    Hi Pierre,

    I've been using Dev-PHP for many years and this is the first time I had a problem worth mentioning. Today I upgraded from to The previous version was working fine, but I was beginning to be bothered by the bug where html commented lines (ex: ) would show grey or normal text depending on whether I up-arrowed or down-arrowed over the line. I thought something like that would be fixed by now.

    After the upgrade, every time I typed a character into the code page, I would get a pop-up error message that said "Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000." After reading one of the posts of a similar error, I tried to turn off Code Folding - except that it was already off. So I turned it on, restarted Dev-PHP, and it fixed it.

    I turned Code Folding back off (and restarted) and the error re-appeared, so I turned it back on, restarted, and confirmed that the problem was gone.

    I thought it was worth mentioning so if someone else had the same problem they would know what to do.

    I created an account on the Source Forge site and it took me awhile to figure out how to post on the bug list. (I didn't figure it out, so I guess you don't. Sending this email seems to be the only way to post on your forum.) Oddly, by the time I started to write this email, the error now doesn't appear whether Code Folding is turned on or off, so I can't recreate it at this time. I left Code Folding turned off.

    Since I brought it up - :^) - I noticed now that highlighting for the html comment tag only works for files with the .html extension and not for files with the .php extension. It worked in both in the previous version (although buggy).

    Is there a way to enable highlighting for html comment tags in .php files?

    Thanks for you time,


  • Hello Jeff,
    Thanks for your report.

    1- about the Access Violation
    Sorry about that bug. I thought it was fixed (see menu "Options/Check before update..."). I found this had something to do with token-matching (highlighting parenthesis, brakets, etc.). The workaround you mentionned means it is not really fixed.

    2- about the bug tracker at
    We're using the new interface provided by sf ;)
    2a- to display the bug list
    2b- to create a ticket

    3- about highlighting for the html comment tag
    Well, you've described a fix here "Options/Highlighter" was reset to "PHP" instead of "Multi"

    Best regards

    -- Pierre