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  • Stewart

    Stewart - 2011-07-26


    I've been working with your uPHPParser for Delphi 6. I didn't look at the version for Delphi 2009 so I can't tell you with any certainty how much it is different but I've been experimenting with some small changes to allow it to parse includes as well. I was using it in a PHP parser that I've been working on for my own needs and I still have some work to go on it but I figured since it is your code I would be happy to send you the minor changes I've made. I do, however, still have to do some more work on it to deal with variables or constants.

    I am also looking at the parsing and am contemplating extending the variables and constants classes to be able to store the values assigned to them. I was thinking this may also provide a means for you if you wanted to do something like auto completion that offers class and variable data. My major reasoning for this is I need to be able to deal with constants or variables for includes but as I said it may allow you to extend the functionality of your auto complete.

    Let me know if you are interested. I won't probably remember to check back here so feel free to email me.

  • Pierre Fauconnier

    Hi cedit,

    I am interested, of course. Thanks for your contribution.


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