BUG - List index out of bounds

  • Hi, Pierre - another problem!

    If I type something incorrectly in a require statement (that's the only time I've seen this problem), and try to correct it with backspace, an error dialog pops up "List index out of bounds (-1)". I can OK it and backspace again, the dialog pops up again. The text on the screen is unchanged but the characters are in fact deleted (if I hit the End key the cursor goes to where I have deleted to - if you understand me).

    The only way to get out of this is to save the file and restart Dev-PHP.

    It doesn't need to be an error either: if I am trying to type

        require ('email.inc');

    I get the dialog when I type the second quote, but the quote doesn't appear on the screen (although it's there!). After dismissing the dialog, I type the remaining right parenthesis and semi-colon. The parenthesis is shown, but not the semi-colon. If I now save and restart Dev-PHP, the line is there correctly.

  • Update: I only have to save the file, close it and reopen it to fix the problem. I don't need to restart Dev-PHP.

  • Sorry - of course I will use the bug tracker in future. I should have realised. I will replace the existing exe with the linked one. Thanks.