Dev-PHP v2.4.0 win7x64 bug

  • JGood4u

    JGood4u - 2011-07-12

    From Options->Project>debugger 2 issues:
    The OK button doesn't come up active, have to close/reopen pgm
    Pressing OK after providing path to xdebug DLL returns: 

    syntax error, unexpected '(' in C:\Program Files (86)\EasyPHP-\apache\php.ini on line 269[/code]

    zend_extension_ts=C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyPHP-\xdebug\php_xdebug-2.1.0-5.3-vc9.dll

    In the 64 bit ver of Win 7, there are two Program Folders: Program Files_ , _&* Program Files (x86)* for 32 bit programs. the '(' as well as its complement, ')' are legit and need to be accepted.

  • Pierre Fauconnier

    Thanks for your report. Unfortunately, the version 3 (aka EDI - editor) is not maintained. Fortunately the version 2 (aka IDE - integrated development environment) works fine with the 64 bit ver of Win 7.
    Best regards,

  • JGood4u

    JGood4u - 2011-07-12

    So what should I do? I thought I just d/l the most recent versions, I must be uninformed.
    What does 2.4.0 apply to?
    I thought I selected a stable version at
    I got the IDE+installer v2.4.0.338, where did tis Ver 3 of the editor come from?
    Some of these seem old by this industries standards, 2004, 2005, etc?
    I like the editor except I still have not been able to get the breakpoint feature and the associated debug - trace, step, pause to work. The documents refer to tabs I have never seen, and I don't see how to install/make active.


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