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RJ Plummer
  • RJ Plummer

    RJ Plummer - 2009-07-22

    I'd like to be able to open a project by clicking on the .prd file. I associated the .prd file with dev-php2, but it just opens the .prd file as text in the context of the last-opened project.

    Is there a command-line switch or other method of doing this?

    • Pierre Fauconnier

      > I'd like to be able to open a project by clicking on the .prd file
      By default, Dev-PHP opens the last used project.
      Thanks to menu "Project", we can "Load project...", or "Open a recently used project" (till 10 projects in that list), or "Create a project".
      Actually, a project file is a standard ini-file

      > I associated the .prd file with dev-php2
      I understand but this is useless. Launching Dev-PHP should be enough...
      Why would you need something else ?


      • RJ Plummer

        RJ Plummer - 2009-07-23

        I'd like to go straight to the project I want to work on rather than the last project I worked on. When I go back to dev-php2, it's almost always to do work on a different customer site than the one I last worked on.

        It's particularly annoying when: I need to make a quick update so I open dev-php2 by double -clicking on the file I want to update. Then it turns out I need to look at another file in the project. And I have to remember the other open tabs are the files from the previous project .

        • Pierre Fauconnier

          Thanks for these explanations.

          Your assertion: the starting point is always MS-explorer.
          Mine: the starting point is always Dev-PHP (guess why).

          Assuming that I agree with you, we'll have to add a switch to the command line *and* the corresponding item in Options->General options->File extensions->Registry.

          But the constraint is: if Dev-PHP is already running, then opening a project (from MS-explorer) by double clicking on its prd-file, will *not* work.

          Because it's really tricky there (lots of parameters and or files to save, user may cancel, a debug session may be running, ...). A few years ago, we had problems with that.

          If the above constraint doesn't bother you, could you be so kind to file a feature request?

          Best regards,

    • RJ Plummer

      RJ Plummer - 2009-07-23

      I close the IDE when I'll be using my machine for other tasks for a while. When I'm ready to code again, it's usually to work on a different project.

      Created request 2826099


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