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Code Completion Updates

  • Fred

    Fred - 2009-05-19

    Is there a method for keeping the function*.dat files up to date? For example how can I submit the missing 2 substr* functions or get the updated files? :)

    • Pierre Fauconnier

      > How to keep the file "function_full.dat" up to date ?
      Good question.

      Thanks to dysmas2, everybody knows that this file is used for completion

      For GTK/GDK I've updated a PHP program in order to dump the required function headers.
      I'm afraid there's nothing for PHP itself.

      Any idea ?

      Thanks for your question,

    • Fred

      Fred - 2009-05-20

      Hell (o)

      Given the fact that i'm completely out of date regarding php tools and development there is actually one way .. painful ... but that will probably work which is building a php documentation parser:

      1. download the LATEST many HTML files version of PHP documentation from and unpack it;

      2. run the documentation parser targeting the unpack directory;

      3. parser generates the function*.dat files

      How will this be done:
      » function documentation files consist of a "function.FUNCTION-NAME.html"
      » load first N bytes from file to a string
      » strip html tags
      » perform REGEXP on resulting string
      » save files according to specifications

      » additionally, a description .dat may be generated for future integration.

      Comments? :)

      Since I have a project to deliver soon, I won't get my hands on it briefly but if nothing comes in the meanwhile I'll definitely work on it.


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