Dev-PHP file associations

  • ReZNiC

    ReZNiC - 2004-06-28

    Dev-PHP has associated itself with ALL html/PHP files
    including clicks of http:// addresses. For enstance if
    you double click on an http:// address with an extension
    of .html or .php from within an irc chat window or using
    any windows editor (explorer, wincmd) Dev-PHP will be
    called up and an error msg will be presented of not able
    to open file http:// address. Unchecking the file
    extensions associations in the options of Dev-PHP will
    not stop this. Is there any other method other than
    uninstalling Dev-PHP to correct this bug.
    Even after uninstalling Dev-PHP all files of extensions html or php on all drives (touched or not) are still associated to Dev-PHP.

    • alex

      alex - 2004-07-19

      I have a similar problem:
      all my .html and .css files display with devphp icon instead of firefox

    • MaDJiK

      MaDJiK - 2004-07-21

      You can do that:
      go to the "folders options" menu. (I don't know the exact name as I don't have an english version of Win).

      In "files associations" tab, choose to open .html with FF, and .css with Notepad.

      After apply, you can set again .css to open with DevPHP, but now you can choose another icon. :-)

      I think the best is to associate nothing with DevPHP automatically. Do it after manually, and you can set different icons to .css, .sql, .js...

    • Urs Mäder

      Urs Mäder - 2005-06-05

      should be fixed for version 2.0.13.


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