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  • Homunq

    Homunq - 2007-04-04

    I am just browsing around for a way to debug a hosted LAMP website (where I can't turn on error reporting) on my local windows machine - preferably, portably. This tool looks pretty good, as far as I can tell it will work if I just download php_MySQL.dll and php_MySQLi.dll, put them somewhere in the path, and uncomment:


    in the php.ini file. Then I will have a portable installation for debug purposes.

    If this is wrong (for instance, if those DLLs only hook onto a process that must be running already, and thus installed non-portably) then please reply.

    Either way, it would be a great idea to have a version of dev-php that already included MySQL - given how common it is for PHP apps to use MySQL.

    (I found an old thread on this topic from 2003, not reviving it because it's all out-of-date. I can't imagine that I'm the first person in hundreds of thousands of downloads and 4 years to have this idea - what gives?)

    • Pierre Fauconnier


      A database engine must already be running somewhere, then programs can connect to it.
      Not only wamp and xampp are portable but they're also able to launch such an engine, locally.

      In order to connect Dev-PHP to wamp or xampp, we only have to enter the path name of their php-cgi.exe (Options » General options » Parser-Tab)
      The path of the php.ini is optional, PHP will use the php.ini located where php-cgi.exe is : %amp*/php/
      However, if Apache is running then the current php.ini is generally located elsewhere in %amp*/apache/bin/

      Hope this helps,


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