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  • Steve

    Steve - 2012-12-17

    Where did the directory search go? I have just upgraded, and one of the key features I used has disappeared - or has it just moved?

    • Pierre Fauconnier

      Maybe this feature (directory search) could be hidden?
      Menu "View/Files" or Icon "View" with a dropdown list, check "Files".
      This was previously a tabsheet, now it's window (docked, undocked, pinned, tabbed, ...)

  • Steve

    Steve - 2012-12-17

    Hi Pierre,

    With the file menu "pinned" on the left I still don't get a "Search regexp in directory" option as in the past.

    Also, CTRL-F10 syntax check no longer pops the results window up automatically.

    • Pierre Fauconnier

      Hi Steve,
      Ok - nothing to do with the "Files" window.
      Actually, the Search/Find window (Ctrl+F) works the same as before.
      Just check the "Project files" radio-button in the "Scope" frame.
      Then, the "Search" window is supposed to display the results.
      Did you define a project (a root folder containing all files and sub-directories)?

      • Steve

        Steve - 2012-12-17

        Aaah. The project search isn't quite the same. With a large project the project search looks at all files, but I may (and often do) wish to search a sub directory. (Its a lot faster this way)

        Last edit: Steve 2012-12-17
        • Pierre Fauconnier

          Are you speaking about a feature request?

          • Steve

            Steve - 2012-12-19

            I have attached a screen shot of the the search menu on 2.3.2. The highlighted item is now missing. It allowed you to search the folder open in the files panel. It is there no more, and Ctrl-Shift-E doesn't work either.

            Last edit: Steve 2012-12-19
            • Pierre Fauconnier

              Ok. Thank you for the screenshot.
              "Search in Project via a RegEx" is still functional and has been merged into the more convenient <Ctrl+F> feature. Even more, <Ctrl+F> provides 10 memorized searches - and, last but not least, we have a small help about RegEx thanks to the "i" button.

              You're right, the shorcut <Shift+Ctrl+E> doesn't work any longer.

              I thought you were asking to enter a directory to browse, into the <Ctrl+F> form.

              Last edit: Pierre Fauconnier 2012-12-19
              • Steve

                Steve - 2012-12-20

                Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately we seem to have our wires crossed.

                I did a test.

                I loaded the old version (2.3.2) and selected a directory in the file list with just 3 files in. I then chose "Search regExp in Directory" and searched for session_id(). A handy result list popped up almost instantly. See attached image. The search ONLY searched the selected directory and no other, and with just three scripts to search was done in a jiffy.

                I then ran the new version. I selected a directory in the file list and to be sure opened one of the three files. I then did a "Search in Project via a RegEx". The search proceeded to start at the project root and attempted to open every file in the project. The project has many files. I sat for an age, and then tried to cancel the search, which I couldn't. I then killed the process.

                Conclusion; "Search regExp in Directory" is not "Search in Project via RegEx" and a very handy menu option has disappeared.

                I do like the new version. You have done loads of great work on it. It would be nice if you could dig out the "Search regExp in Directory" code and re-instate it. It was a nice feature that was extremely useful. Maybe you can add an extra option to the search when the file menu is pinned on the left.


                Last edit: Steve 2012-12-20
                • Pierre Fauconnier

                  Ok (wires crossed ;)
                  In fact this means that we must add:
                  1) a new option menu "Search in files..." (with its shortcut <Shift+Ctrl+F>)
                  2) a new form with the following frames:
                  2.1) "Text to find" with a combo containing the most recently used searches
                  2.2) "Options" (radio-buttons "Case sensitive", "Whole words only", "RegEx")
                  2.3) "Where" (radio-buttons "Files in project", "All open files", "In directories")
                  2.4) "Directory options" disabled by default and enabled if "In directories" above is checked (Combo-box "Files mask" + its "Browse ..." button, Checkbox "Include subdirectories")

                  Sounds better?

                  • Steve

                    Steve - 2012-12-20

                    Sounds FAB. Doing little dance of joy right now. :-D

                    • Pierre Fauconnier

                      Could you try one of these:
                      devphp.exe 1.6 MB
                      installer 2.0 MB
                      portable 1.9 MB
                      (The portable version is fully functional and won't break a previously installed version: it's the right version to use for testing)

                      Tip: The path of the directori(es) to search for may contain jokers in filename i.e.:
                      v:irus\free\*.p* - although it's still experimental…

                      Last edit: Pierre Fauconnier 2012-12-22
                      • Steve

                        Steve - 2013-01-07

                        Sadly I am getting an error:
                        "Access violation at address 007D82AD in module devphp.exe"
                        in both the devphp.exe version copied into the old directory, and the portable version in a new directory.

                        Also, its not immediately obvious that the "File Mask" needs to be filled in. I suggest a default entry of either *.* or *.php as a blank field bleeps at me.

                        Otherwise it looks really good.

                        Last edit: Steve 2013-01-07
                        • Pierre Fauconnier

                          About the "access violation" could you be more specific?

                          About the file mask: it's optional. Having said that, I'm not sure it's a good idea to set a mask because directories names must also match this mask.

                          • Steve

                            Steve - 2013-01-10

                            I have the file list pinned to the left bar.

                            I click the Search - Find in Files menu option.

                            I enter a word to search and select the "In Directories" radio button. Nothing else is selected.

                            I click OK. Bell sound and focus goes to file mask box. No search happens

                            I add *.php and click OK. I get the error as attached below.


                            Last edit: Steve 2013-01-10
                            • Pierre Fauconnier

                              Ok. Thanks for the use case.
                              Access violation in case the start directory contains only '*.php'. In fact, in case the start directory contains no directory ;)

                              Well, in this case I presume we want to start from the root folder of the project, right?

                              If so, it will be fixed in next version.

                              • Steve

                                Steve - 2013-01-21

                                OK - I get it now. Duh! Me being dense.

                                The "File Mask" is actually the directory name to search. Thus suggest a rename of the box to "Directory and file mask" and then default to the directory currently selected in the "files" list; this will be the directory I am working in, and thus the one I am most likely to want to search.

                                Maybe default the field to current selected directory + a *.php mask to both indicate you can use a mask, and default to the most likely option.

                                Works blisteringly fast. Well done. I like it!


                                Last edit: Pierre Fauconnier 2013-01-21
                                • Pierre Fauconnier

                                  Rename the box to "Directory and file mask"

                                  I'm afraid the caption will remain "File mask".
                                  Because a directory mask would be too difficult to implement: "/myProjects.*/*php?/*/imap/*.php"
                                  Moreover, I believe the file mask "*.php" will be understood as: Find all files having a "php" extension, in this directory and its subdirectories, regardless the name of the subdir. Unfortunately, for the moment, we practically limit the search to the directory only - even when the checkbox "Include subdirectories" is checked (because the name of the subdir must also match the mask).
                                  I prefer to upgrade the undocumented feature "find with mask" ?
                                  a) In fact, it's done now (subdirs don't have to match the mask). Next version >=
                                  b) New: in order to shorten the path, you can use environment variables in file mask %USERPROFILE%\myProjects\*.php

                                  Default to the directory currently selected in the "files" list

                                  Why not, but...
                                  This dialog provides plenty of choices for directories.
                                  - Enter directly a directory name,
                                  - Browse the entire file system (via the "..." button),
                                  - Select a recently used directory in the dropdown list,
                                  - Type in a file mask (find in all project's files)

                                  And we should add another checkbox named "Find only in the directory selected in the 'Files' treeview"?

                                  I'm working with projects (here, a project is just a root folder, nothing more). By design, a project limits the tree structure to its own files and subdirectories.

                                  In short, I think that when you work with projects then you don't need this new checkbox. ;)

                                  Your comments?

                                  Last edit: Pierre Fauconnier 2013-01-22
                                  • Steve

                                    Steve - 2013-01-23

                                    Hi Pierre,

                                    Good points. I was just making suggestions.

                                    Having a default to the directory in the file list would be good instead of a blank box. I partly didn't understand how it works as the name "File mask" suggested *.php rather than c:\blahblah*.php and with nothing in the previous drop down it made no sense. How I missed the browse button I don't know. It just didn't stand out I guess. Thus a default instead of a blank will atleast make the box self explanatory. Once it has been used then the user knows how to use it. It would be nice if the browse button should default to the project root rather than the root of c drive.

                                    Anyway, its looking good, and I have already used it to good effect; a simple code change I needed to make to a number of scripts, but as the original code was written 3 years ago I had no notion of which scripts to edit. The search found the eight places in five scripts requiring work super fast. Thanks,


    • Pierre Fauconnier

      Ctrl+F10 displays the results in the status bar (syntax checked)
      The "Debug" window pops only (should only pop) in case of errors.

      • Steve

        Steve - 2012-12-17

        Just re-tested. The debug doesn't pop up with a syntax error, nor is there any visual indication there was an error. I need to open the debug manually to view the erro. I don't have xdebug set up.

        Last edit: Pierre Fauconnier 2012-12-17
        • Pierre Fauconnier

          In order to reproduce that bug,
          Could you send me an example please?

          • Steve

            Steve - 2012-12-19

            To re-create the error I simply make a deliberate syntax error - such as removing a ; at the end of a statement - then press ctrl-f10. The debug window doesn't open, but the check is done because when the window is manually opened the syntax error is there.

            Version on Vista.

            • Pierre Fauconnier

              Thanks for the version numbers.
              You're right: the "Debug" window must be visible (it won't be shown automatically), although its 'syntax' tab could be hidden (and will be shown anyway).

              • Steve

                Steve - 2012-12-20

                In 2.3.2 the window pops up when you press ctrl-F10 automatically. Maybe the solution is to pop up the message window if and only if there is an error. That would be my ideal :-)

                Also see my line by line syntax check feature request I posted elsewhere.

                Thanks for taking the time to answer my queries. Have a good Christmas.


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