#273 On saving file (ctrl-s) the cursor jumps to another position

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Neven Boyanov

After a file has been changed and after pressing Ctrl-S for saving it the cursor within the text editor will jump to another position.

It happens every time.

It is somehow related to the current position:
ex1.: if I'm editing the line 78 after ctrl-s it goes to the line 78
ex2.: from line 66 to line 38


  • Neven Boyanov
    Neven Boyanov

    That bug appears on

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  • Neven Boyanov
    Neven Boyanov

    In addition, if I click anywhere in the text of that file, right after being saved, it will change the status of the file to "modified" - red icon on the tab and it will ask to save it if I attempt to close it.

    PS: I'm not sure if that's related to the same issue or should be another bug report.

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  • Hi Neven,

    Sorry about that. Big mistake with code-review. I had commented one instruction used to compute the length of a line. As a result, the position of the cursor became wrong. Fixed rev. >= 354

    Thanks for your report.


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  • About the red icon. It is another bug - so I've reopened this ticket.
    I think the bug is due to a shifting in undo/redo lists.

  • Hello Neven,

    Status "modified" unduly displayed, is now fixed. Also, the bar of changes should work fine.

    Thanks again for your report.


    • status: open-accepted --> open-fixed
  • Neven Boyanov
    Neven Boyanov

    Thanks Pierre, for fixing it so quickly.
    I downloaded and installed the newer version and everything seems to work fine.

  • You're welcome, Neven ; and sorry for these bugs.

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