Michal Molhanec - 2013-12-15

it's nice to see new devpaks.

My comments:

  • The link to the devpak on your website is broken, it contains typo in the extension (.devpack instead of .devpak).
  • The filename should be sdl2-131212-1tim see http://devpaks.org/rules.php .
  • The devpak contains sdl2-config in the bin directory which is not installed anywhere. It should be installed or not be there at all.

Otherwise it looks OK.

About the libraries -- there are two possible solutions:

1) rename the 64 bit files to e.g. libsdl2_64.a
2) install 32bit versions to e.g. lib\libsdl2_32\ and 64 bit versions to lib\libsdl2_64\ folders.

Anyway, thanks for new devpak.

Michal Molhanec