tim - 2013-12-15

Thanks the for comments. I've fixed the link, and corrected the filename and removed the sdl2-config (it is only used by cygwin/msys, as a bash script in windows and therefore does not run from devcpp).

Regarding the libraries, I'll have to investigate more as I don't use 64bit windows so can't test them as easily. I would probably favour your 2nd suggestion for the libraries as the both the 32 and 64bit dll's and libs have the same name.

Version 2.01 is out now as well, so if I can get my hands on a 64bit os I'll try changing re-arranging the libs, although I'm not sure about the dll itself. Both 32 and 64bit versions have the same name, and currently there is just one bin directory for devcpp, and I'm not exactly sure about 32 vs 64bit dlls on windows, from what I've googled it depends on the bitness of the installer as to where the dll gets put which doesn't help either.