Boost libraries

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When will see the boost library being added to the repository?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      maybe within 5 minutes?
      Just add it yourself...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Building the boost library takes forever in my PeeCee....

  • john mccain

    john mccain - 2009-09-12

    AFAIK there is ready devpaks for  it
    but do you think that libraries are anyhow useful ?

  • Asai Asaithambi

    Asai Asaithambi - 2010-02-19

    I use Boost libraries a lot. However, boost uses mpfr/gmp which used to come together in gmp 4.1.4. The current versions of gmp do not include mpfr. Is there any way we can get mpfr for use with boost libraries (or otherwise) as a Devpak?


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