DevoyBB / News: Recent posts Down

The DevoyBB Group regrets to inform you that our server is down. It will be back soon. If you have registered an account at within the last several weeks, you will need to register.

We are sorry for any trouble this may have caused.

Posted by Calebrw 2005-08-25

New Developers Added

The DevoyBB Group would like to Welcome the following people as new developers: Jacob Thomas, Serge Lonard and Invincible.

We will be relegated development needs to them and will get going soon.

Please stay tuned for more releases, more often.

- The DevoyBB Group

Posted by Calebrw 2005-08-22

DevoyBB 1.0.5 Release Recinded

The DevoyBB Group regrets to inform you that DevoyBB 1.0.5 has been recinded. This is only for a short time while a few bugs can be worked out. The package will be released with the same designation: 1.0.5 but an added "a" to signify this is the fixed release.

Please check back soon to download 1.0.5a.

For any users having upgraded to DevoyBB 1.0.5, please continue to use this release as there are no critical bugs in it, but you will be unable to use the 2 different activation methods at this time. Automatic activation is the only method available.... read more

Posted by Calebrw 2005-08-15

DevoyBB 1.0.5 Install Script Not Included

For all users having downloaded DevoyBB 1.0.5 to find no install scipt, we have fixed the problem. Or rather we have added a new file with install script all ready to go:

Posted by Calebrw 2005-08-15

DevoyBB 1.0.5 Released

The DevoyBB Group is proud to announce the release of DevoyBB 1.0.5. 1.0.5 fixes two sets of bugs posted by member blumi as. There are a few other tweaks as well.

Change Log:
Changes From 1.0.4a to 1.0.5

August 14, 2005 12:30 PM CST

* "Changes From 1.0.4 to 1.0.4a" now displays correct date
* Announcement Deletion Bug Fixed (blumi)
* XCombatWolfX Added to Past Contibutors
* Automatic Activation, Email Activation Code (blumi)
o Mail Script Added
* Manual Activation (blumi)
o Updated Index to include users awaiting acvitation
+ Displays if the logged in user is an admin only
o ACP Function to Aide Sending Mail Added
o Message When No Users Pending Activation Added
o Email User(s) after Manual Activation Feature Added
* Activation Settings Dropdown ACP Bug Fixed... read more

Posted by Calebrw 2005-08-14

DevoyBB 1.0.4a Released

The DevoyBB Group is proud to present DevoyBB 1.0.4a. The release is just a minor bug fix. It is not criticial, but it is recommended that all DevoyBB users update to 1.0.4a.

Included in this release are the following:
Changes From 1.0.4 to 1.0.4a

August 10, 2005; 9:45 PM CST

* Style Bug when viewing forum fixed
* Style Bug when viewing forum as admin fixed
* Delete Announcements Via Forum Bug Fixed
* DocCenter Updated
o User Guide Updated to include "Posts, Threads and Forums"
* Submit Subscriptions Bug in Forum View Fixed... read more

Posted by Calebrw 2005-08-12

Please Welcome Pianistsk8er!

I would like to extend a warm DevoyBB welcome to Pianistsk8er. He will be helping in the development of DevoyBB. Look for his contributions coming to a DevoyBB release near you!

Posted by Calebrw 2005-01-25

DevoyBB 1.0.3a Released

DevoyBB 1.0.3a was released today. There were a number of bug fixes included in this release and it is encouraged all users of DevoyBB to update to 1.0.3a.
Also, a delete feature has been added to the buddy list.

DevoyBB is a forum system on its very first release. We are working very hard to make a increase the stability of the system. We are a free forum system for everyone.

Posted by Calebrw 2005-01-19

DevoyBB 1.0.3

We are proud to announce that DevoyBB 1.0.3 has been released. Several bugs have been corrected and a buddy list features is now available. This is an unofficial release, and there will be an official 1.0.3a release shortly.

Posted by Calebrw 2005-01-02

DevoyBB 1.0.2a Released

DevoyBB 1.0.2a, contains several small but important bug fixes is a available for download.

If you have a version of DevoyBB, it is recommended that you upgrade to DevoyBB 1.0.2. If you are using 1.0.2 currently, you may download the Changed Files for a must faster dowload/upload.

Posted by Calebrw 2004-10-26

DevoyBB 1.0.1 Released!

The DevoyBB Group is proud to announce the release of DevoyBB 1.0.1, which contains bug fixes ONLY. No new features.

Attachment/file coming soon!

Until then -

Posted by Woodley 2004-10-06


Hello, some of you know me as "Kayn" from the devoyBB support fora. I have opened this project and set up some developers. We have a feature tracker if you'd like to request a feature, a bug tracker, and more.

Expect a new version release or two in the next few days.

Thanks all,

Dean Woodley

Posted by Woodley 2004-10-06

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