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Posted by Dave Murphy 2014-04-04

dswifi minor bugfix

dswifi 0.3.6 removes some const strings that got into a header.

Posted by Dave Murphy 2008-12-16

devkitARM: release 24 and supporting libraries

This project is for homebrew console development tools based on the gnu compiler collection with additional tools and libraries to aid programming each supported console. The windows variants will be MinGW based.

The 24th release of the popular devkitPro ARM cross compiler brings additional support for thumb2 processors. The support libraries continue to make DS homebrew programming easier than ever before.... read more

Posted by Dave Murphy 2008-12-15

devkitPPC release 16 and associated libraries

devkitPPC release 16, libogc 1.7.0 and libfat 20081205 are now available, for details see the post on the main site.

Posted by Dave Murphy 2008-12-06

libogc 1.7.0

move from alpha state date versioning to full release number.
ensure floats are really single precision with certain PS_ functions
fixed FPR corruption problems
fixed _CPU_ISR macros to take care of other MSR bits than MSR_EE
fixed system shutdown issues
fixed wiimote disconnection problems
added libdi
added libasnd, DSP accelerated sound library from Hermes
added memory based reading for texture files
added IndTexMatrix function.
added Orthographic Fog. patch submitted by sepp256
low level disk IO drivers moved from libfat
make GX immediate functions inline
fixed SetArray bug with MEM2 for wii... read more

Posted by Dave Murphy 2008-12-06

devkitARM release 22

more details on the main devkitPro site at

Posted by Dave Murphy 2008-04-21

devkitARM release 19

devkitARM release 19 may be downloaded from

This release updates binutils to 2.16.93, gcc to 4.1.1 and improves the newlib pseudo device API added in previous releases.

The toolchain is now arm-eabi instead of arm-elf since this allows us to dispense with the interworking libraries and build arm946e-s code without object marking mismatch problems. Unfortunately this means that code built with prior releases are no longer compatible and must be rebuilt with the new toolchain.... read more

Posted by Dave Murphy 2006-05-31

devkitARM release 18

Some major updates to the toolchain this time round.

* updated gcc to 4.1.0
* updated newlib to 1.14.0
* added elf2flt to the available tools
* updated ndstool to 1.29
* ds crt0 updated to set some defaults for M3 compatibility
* gba crt0 updated to remove new no$gba error... [read more](/p/devkitpro/news/2006/04/devkitarm-release-18/)
Posted by Dave Murphy 2006-04-10

libnds stable release 20060410

doxygenation updates
Fixed bugs (e.g. swiSetHaltCR using r0 instead of r2 on ARM7)
Commented out ARM7 swis in ARM9 mode, and vice versa
Added DMA_DISP_FIFO for main memory to display fifo mode
Added pressure reading to touchscreen function
Added tNDSHeader and tNDSBanner types.
Defined NDSHeader as a structure at the 'standard' location for the NDS header to reside (0x027FFE00)
Added VRAM define for ARM7 mode at 0x06000000
corrected packing on tGBAHeader struct
changed powerON to OR values
added powerSET function to set value directly
Working file: include/nds/arm7/serial.h
Added writePowerManagement, readPowerManagement, and readFirmware to serial.h, as well as some associated defines.
Added MODE_FIFO for main memory to FIFO display mode
Fixed sign issue for division override
clear interrupts and enable REG_IME in irqInit

Posted by Dave Murphy 2006-04-10

libgba stable release 20060410

libgba has had some minor tweaks that are worth sharing.

use __asm instead of asm to allow -std=c99
added pn8 compatible macros to gba_sound.h, gba_sprites.h & gba_video.h

Posted by Dave Murphy 2006-04-10

libgba stable release

libgba 20060209 is now available. This release addresses some minor issues with register defines and inline functions. We have also added a global gba.h by popular request.

The full list of changes.

added type to FadeToBlack inline
added global gba.h header
doxygen corrections
corrected MULTIBOOT_MODES enum
corrected REG_SOUNDCNT_L
add void type to inline functions
added direct sound defines
correct REG_BG3PC
Changed type for Setmode
improved interrupt dispatcher
Fixed sign issue for __udivsi3 override
allow multiple interrupts to be enabled and disabled simultaneously

Posted by Dave Murphy 2006-02-09

insight 6.4.50 candiate release

A windows build of Insight 6.4.50 (current redhat cvs) has been made available, containing both arm-elf and psp debuggers. This is provided for testing before moving to stable release status and addition to the devkitPro updater.

Posted by Dave Murphy 2005-11-19

libnds 20050714

Resynchronised with ndslib

Microphone code has been added.
Fixed an error in console printing and an one in Key input code.
Fixed Textured QUAD demo so that it displays a textured QUAD as apposed to a blank screen.
Fixed GL Mult Matrix to actualy multiply instead of load
Added GlRotate for rotations about an arbitrary axis.
Fixed GluLookAt so it should work like it is supposed to.

Posted by Dave Murphy 2005-07-14

devkitARM release 14

ndstool updated to v1.21
ds_arm9 crt0 removed iwram, made 0x02400000 - 0x02800000 non cacheable
ds_arm9 linkscript uninitialised and initialised data go in ewram by default, sbss section is now in dtcm
gba_crt0 fixed bss clearing
base_rules bin2o macro fixed to no longer require data copy

Posted by Dave Murphy 2005-07-12

devkitARM release 13

updated to binutils 2.16.1
fixed errors in gba crtls
updated nds crtls
allow arm9 to write SRAM
addition of pineight tools
added Mr Spiv's gpd & dsd
ndstool updated
bin2o rule updated to include extension in array name

Posted by Dave Murphy 2005-06-21

devkitPPC and devkitARM release 12

updated to gcc 3.4.4
updated to newlib 1.13.0
devkitARM added nds crtls
devkitARM improved gba crtls
devkitARM added makefile fragments for gba/gp32/nds
devkitPPC added makefile fragments for gamecube

Posted by Dave Murphy 2005-05-26

libgba release

release 20050406 adds playback functions for BoyScout -

Posted by Dave Murphy 2005-04-06

libOGC stable release

in conjunction with devkitPPC r11 beta 3 this release is to be considered stable.

Posted by Mike W. 2005-03-05

devkitPPC r11 beta 3 released

linux, OSX and win32 builds of devkitPPC are now available. This adds some tweaks to the newlib patches which result in more stable code

Posted by Dave Murphy 2005-03-03

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