libogc 1.7.0

move from alpha state date versioning to full release number.
ensure floats are really single precision with certain PS_ functions
fixed FPR corruption problems
fixed _CPU_ISR macros to take care of other MSR bits than MSR_EE
fixed system shutdown issues
fixed wiimote disconnection problems
added libdi
added libasnd, DSP accelerated sound library from Hermes
added memory based reading for texture files
added IndTexMatrix function.
added Orthographic Fog. patch submitted by sepp256
low level disk IO drivers moved from libfat
make GX immediate functions inline
fixed SetArray bug with MEM2 for wii

with thanks to Shagkur (lead libogc maintainer) and also

Chishm, Erant, Svpe, Sepp256, Erant, Marcan, Hermes & K Rothman for their contributions to this release

Posted by Dave Murphy 2008-12-06

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