libnds stable release 20060410

doxygenation updates
Fixed bugs (e.g. swiSetHaltCR using r0 instead of r2 on ARM7)
Commented out ARM7 swis in ARM9 mode, and vice versa
Added DMA_DISP_FIFO for main memory to display fifo mode
Added pressure reading to touchscreen function
Added tNDSHeader and tNDSBanner types.
Defined NDSHeader as a structure at the 'standard' location for the NDS header to reside (0x027FFE00)
Added VRAM define for ARM7 mode at 0x06000000
corrected packing on tGBAHeader struct
changed powerON to OR values
added powerSET function to set value directly
Working file: include/nds/arm7/serial.h
Added writePowerManagement, readPowerManagement, and readFirmware to serial.h, as well as some associated defines.
Added MODE_FIFO for main memory to FIFO display mode
Fixed sign issue for division override
clear interrupts and enable REG_IME in irqInit

Posted by Dave Murphy 2006-04-10

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