Hi Bruce,

Thanks again.

For the  next release:

I'd think it would be trivial to change the initial gateway default of  .254 to .1,
and this should keep MS boxes happier. Also, this seems the more difficult
of my two (former) problems.

I'd also think it should be easy to have a script that sets the DNS servers at boot,
from /etc/resolv.conf

Considering all the other  wonderful items in DL, these should add a great deal of
user-friendliness for the effort.


On 9/17/07, Bruce Smith <bws@armintl.com> wrote:
> ping yahoo
> & surfing
> both work :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

Cool!  :-)

> Will the ISP DNS server numbers be constant?

They should stay constant.

Your ISP might change them some day, but it's so rare I wouldn't worry
about it unless something stops working some year.

> For ideal reliability, should make a script to copy them someplace and
> restart something?
> If so, where should they go & what would need to be restarted?

I wouldn't worry about doing that.

If you really want to do something, run your own DNS server on DL.
(but then you have to worry about the root DNS servers changing --
also extremely rare).  Personally I wouldn't bother.  Your ISP's DNS
servers are probably faster anyway since they hold the cache locally of
all the other ISP users queries.

- BS

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