Hi all,

We just upgraded to latest software on one router/VPN/firewall.

I had to change to ipsec-tools instead of *swan, but else all seemed fine from the 1.2.13 we had before.

Anyways, as soon as we put trafik through (VPN) it it become totaly unresponcive, and top always hangs having either close to 100%si or close to 100% on ksoftirqd.

The system is stale for a minute or so and then clears upp again, probably because the services runing trafic through it timeout.

From watching /proc/interrupts it seem to be the network cards generating alot of interupts.

We have tried changing networkcards from 3com to intel. We even bought a new machine, to change everything but still get the same problem.

The new machine works better though as the IRQ only hog one CPU/core att a time so the system still answers.

My next step is to try and recompile Devil-Linux with noapic and try that, but before I go ahead I thought I might ask here and see if you guys know anything else I could try. It might be just some silly mistake.

Kind Regards

Jacob Sandin