GO ME! GIRL POWER! thanks guys! I figured it out. now lets just see if it is gonna work.

On 4/25/07, Bruce Smith <bws@armintl.com> wrote:

> Thank you Bruce. I do have the copy saved on my windows server. Now
> should I change the config on the floppy on the windows box or change
> it on the linux box. and if I change it on the DL box how do i get to
> the floppy drive? When I get to the floppy drive how do i change the
> file and does the save config command save it to the floppy? I hate to
> sound so stupid but right now I am just not a linux fan ONLY because I
> do not know it!!! I want to love it. :-(

In case you don't know, a 'tar.bzip2' file is similar to a ZIP file in
Windows.  It contains multiple files compressed into a single file.

Since these are Linux files, they need to be changed in Linux.  (Text
files differ slightly between Linux & Windows.  In Windows all lines
in a text file end a CR+LF.  In Linux, all lines end only in a LF)

When you run 'save-config' (or save your config from the 'setup' screen)
it saves ALL the config files from your RAM to the tar.bzip2 file on the
floppy.  All you have to do is modify your config file(s), and run
'save-config', which saves everything (all of /etc and /root dirs).

It would be helpful if you gave more details on what part of your config
you're trying to change (and why).

- BS

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