thanks for the answer to the previous posting.
However, I think the issue is not only on the binaries... but on the code itself... and if "you" as developer of the product want to restrict the usage in some countries (art. 8 of the GNU GPL).
This has nothing to do with the export law per se... is more a "wich" of the developers.

On the export control side (the "law") I need to understand if the code contains US based know-how (and how much of it) or if you have used code developed outside from US or developed by non-US persons and you "just" put the code together to create the binaries.

I know this is not a very "interesting" topic... but I have no clue how to figure out if my collegues down in Iran can use devil linux or not.
I am in discussions with layers of course... but we need to have more insight on the product and the code origin (at least for the major parts)... for this reason I am in contact also with the developers of SWAN (which is used for encryption and as you might be aware, encryption software is listed as export controlled software by the US gov.)

Clearly the "freeware" concept create some issues to the regulatory entities and it is not really clear how to deal with this.

Any ideas/comment?

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