Np about thatů it would be no problem for myself to manage it, 

So if we exclude interface do DL have the features i ned?

ie  DHCP, NTP, port forward and static IP's plus logging of traffic?

Sorry i ask stupid but visiting different router packages made my head spinů (hard to pick what meets my need but don't have to much extra)


Den 29/01/2013 kl. 14.28 skrev Heiko Zuerker:


Sorry for the late reply.

Just from your questions, I can tell that Devil-Linux is not for you.
DL doesn't have any fancy (web) interfaces and requires a more experienced Linux user to properly set it up.


Quoting Bo Herrmannsen <bo.herrmannsen@gmail.com>:

does deliv linux support portforwarding in a simple way?
I ask as this machine in the end will be handled by users that can setup a normal router like linksys etc.. but command line stuff will scare them away...
also does it support logging af what sites the user visits etc? i need that to comply with danish anti-terror rules etc..
logging could be done to to a harddrive so the usb/CF card is not worn down to fast..
hmm... a simple text style interface could make do but a simple web based would be extra nice...
i do not plan to run anything else but DHCP, NTP, port forward and maybe static IP's
is this possible?
best regards

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