Had to replace my configuration file, and I can't for the life of me recall how to set dhcpcd to do the broadcast DHCP_REQUEST rather than the DHCP_DISCOVER.  I've Googled long and hard to no avail.  Setup seems to create a configuration that sends DISCOVER by default.  My new ISP, Comcast, doesn't respond to DISCOVER, but prior to my old floppy disk dying, it was responding to REQUEST.  My old configuration was sending REQUEST first, and if failing then sending DISCOVER, so I must have been able to set it years ago when I first set up my router.
Are there any known problems with the default Devil Linux config and Comcast?  I just moved, expecting that I'd be able to plug in my router box to the new modem and be up and running.  Clients on the router though were no longer getting DNS.  I was going to try running NAMED service, but then my floppy disk died.

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