Yes there are plans for 2.6, but no ETA.
Our current development track (1.3) has support for Kernel 2.6, but we
didn't work on it for a while. Most stuff works, but the Kernel needs to
be updated and some packages don't compile yet.

We would be more then happy to welcome new developers, who want to help us
working on it
The current DL developers unfortunately have only enough time to maintain
the 1.2 (Kernel 2.4) track.

Hello Heiko,

My name is Carlos and I use a customized devil-linux as my standard linux solution in my clients I would be glad to help developing the next ( 1.3) dl version.

I've been looking for information about the status of the track but couldn't find anything really usefull. Is there a to-do list? What are the top priorities?

Carlos H.