On 6/13/06, Bruce Smith <bruce@armintl.com> wrote:
Serge, someone told me that 'groupadd' wasn't working (PAM problem), and
found the cause and solution of the problem here:


So I changed the Linux-PAM install script to copy /etc/pam.d/useradd
to /etc/pamd.d/groupadd as quick fix to get 1.2.10 released soon.

I wasn't sure if I should add groupadd to $SRCDIR/pam.d.tar.bz2 or not.

Feel free to redo my "fix" for 1.2.11 if there is a better way to solve
the groupadd problem.  :-)

I also get the same error when I try to delete a user or a group:

root@squid :/etc # useradd test
root@squid:/etc # userdel test
userdel: PAM authentication failed
root@squid:/etc #

root@squid:/etc # groupadd test1
root@squid:/etc # groupdel test1
groupdel: PAM authentication failed
root@squid:/etc #
John Bridleman