Hopefully someone can help me with this query......
I've got an old pc running devil linux. It has 2 nics, each connected to a different subnet.
eth0 -
eth1 -
I have also added a static route -
Now, the linux server can reach everything, no problem. Can ping 192.128.10.xx, 192.128.11.xx and 192.168.0.xx without any trouble.
From my PC though, on the 192.128.10 subnet, I can ping 192.128.11.xx fine but not 192.168.0.xx.
I have set a route on the lan firewall to route 192.128.11 and 192.168.0 traffic to the devil linux box, which it clearly does before I can reach the 192.128.11 subnet. Why would I be unable to get to the 192.168.0 subnet?
Any clues?
Ross Petrie
IT Administrator
CAN Offshore Ltd
Hareness Road
AB12 3LE

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