OK, I read (well, skimmed :) the emails, and I'm still unclear what is wrong with save-config.  Can someone be more specific on what needs to be fixed in save-config, since I don't have a CF-only PC to use for testing?

Or free free to donate a CF-only PC to me.  ;-)

 - BS


Well the thread went a little bit off-topic. ;-)

Read the section below, it seems like save-config is having trouble when you use CF cards only (2 partitions).


Quoting Bruce Smith <bws@reddog.org>:

I'm back.  I'm also confused. 

What's save-config got to do with a quad port nic?

 - BS


yes it may be that there was a problem introduced in the recent
save-config updates in order to support aufs.

Bruce who did the change is currently on vacation, we'll have to wait
until he gets back. Just follow up on this in a week or so, to make
sure we won't forget about it.


Quoting Jacob Sandin <devil-linux@js.se>:

> Hi Chip,
> The only problem here was that I did not know how to get the serial
> only interface working. "not so newbie I think just unknown to me,
> never having used serial login before on linux"
> And as follows by the discussuin in my other emails also the problem
> with saving to the same Compact Flas for the configfile, wich I
> suspect is a bug in save-config or a problem with the CF hw/drivers
> on my machines.
> I have no problem understanding network and routring, and as I
> suspected I needed no extra INITRD_MODULES.
> The 8 ports are not nessesarily to the inside, mostly they are used
> as interfaces to different bgp or ospf networks in my case.
> I think you might have missunderstod the question :)
> However this problem is solved as I reported earlier, the
> save-config problem to the second partition on CF I still have not
> found a solution to though.
> Kind Regards
> Jacob
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> Hi,
> Sorry these question are so newbie.
> I assume you are using the 4 port on the inside?
> Do you need to do anything special to set up routing?
> Are the ports distinct to linux or does the 4-port NIC
> simply act like a 1-port NIC attached to a hub?
> Thanks,
> Chip
> On 6/26/08, Jacob Sandin <devil-linux@js.se> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I actually got myself two of those NSA to test they look real nice.
>> I am unsure how to install them though. (as I've only run on cd/usb pen
>> combination).
>> I have run the install-on-usb but am unsure if I need anything changed in
>> I run grub with serial and I make 2 patitions on the CF one for bootcd.iso
>> and one for config.
>> The boot seem to halt at GRSecurity.
>> Can you give me any pointers on what is needed to get it running with serial
>> output.
>> Thanx
>> Jacob
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>> Ämne: Re: [Devil-Linux-discuss] [BULK] Re: [BULK] Quad port nic
>> Hi again,
>> I have had a lot of trouble with CDs (the surface gets all 'foggy' with
>> dust,
>> and the drives start to fail after some time)... I started out with 25
>> Fujitsu-Siemens Primergy L100, later RX100 servers. Then I ripped the CD
>> drives out, and somehow stuffed IDE-Compactflash Card adapters inside, and
>> DL
>> runs from the CF cards. As you have GRUB on the CF-cards, you can do remote
>> upgrades: you need to have CF-cards big enough to hold 2 iso images (ie 1GB
>> CF-cards at the moment). There are parameters for the DL kernel/boot-scripts
>> that you can set in GRUB that let you select which iso you should use, and
>> where to look for the etc.tar.bz2 file. So technically you _can_ do remote
>> upgrade, but it takes some preparation (IIRC, you need to have to partitions
>> on the CF card, you need to extract the new kernel and initrd from the new
>> iso).
>> I have done this several times, but as I have started out with 512 MB CFs,
>> they are to small now, so I just send (CF + USB) pairs around. It requires a
>> screwdriver-savvy person at the receiving end, but that is not a problem in
>> my case.
>> I have no HD's in my boxes (no moving parts except fans). syslog goes to a
>> central server (into mysql). Some locations mount a local share in order to
>> have squid's logs if they're into that.
>> BTW, I also started out with floppy disks for etc.tar.bz2 but these
>> drives/media don't like that either in the long run.
>> One could probably get away without CF cards, putting the iso and the config
>> on a USB-stick. I can't do this because
>> a) my old appliances can't boot from USB,
>> b) 1GB+ USB drives sticking out of the front are likely to get stolen.
>> I usually try to get the smallest (in capacity), clunkiest and least sexy
>> USB-sticks I can find.
>> Feel free to ask if you need any additional info...
>> Frank
>> On Friday 16 May 2008 11:16:42 Jacob Sandin wrote:
>>> NSA 1045, Looks very nice I have asked my hardware supplier to see if he
>>> can find prices for them.
>>> I am used to running DL with CD boot, so sorry if my coming question is
>>> dumb :)
>>> Do you run DL from the harddrive or the CF, if you run it from the
>>> harddrive is there an easy way to do upgrades? To the latest DL.
>>> I am quite used to just sending along a new CD and a USB pen.
>>> Thanx a lot for the NSA recommendation, a lot more professional looking
>>> than what I run today :)
>>> Kind regards.
>>> Jacob Sandin
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>>> Ämne: Re: [Devil-Linux-discuss] [BULK] Quad port nic
>>> Hi Jacob,
>>> I have one of these in an older firewall:
>>> Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82546EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller
>>> (rev 01)
>>> Subsystem: Intel Corporation PRO/1000 MT Quad Port Server Adapter
>>> It works well, but it was relatively expensive I think. If you don't need
>>> Gigabit, you might find cheaper ones....
>>> I now buy Nexcom appliances, and I'm sure a "NSA 1045" with two FE and two
>>> GBit ports is in the same price range than the intel adapter. Check these
>>> out, they are really neat for Devil-Linux: rackmountable, all ports on the
>>> front-panel, integrated CFlash reader, serial console. It's exactly what
>>> you need to build a firewall, and nothing more. NSA 1042 (4 GB ports) are
>>> around 600? the last time I bought some.
>>> Good luck,
>>> Frank
>>> On Friday 16 May 2008 09:53:44 Jacob Sandin wrote:
>>> > Hi all,
>>> >
>>> > I was thinking about getting a Quadport card for one of my
>>> > Devil-Machines. But I have absolutely no idea about what card to get.
>>> >
>>> > I need it to work with VLAN and to manage 100 Full-duplex.
>>> >
>>> > Does anyone of you have any experience or recommendations?
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > Kind regards
>>> > Jacob Sandin
>>> >
>>> > Centrum för Effektivt IT