Is there a build 1.3 available yet? can't seem to find it on the website?
Problem we have with current version of OpenSwan is that the Tunnel works fine, until a new IKE key is renegotiated, then it apparantly times out, unless we delete the IKE key on the other side of the tunnel (Checkpoint FW1). It worked fine for over 3 years, but since 3 months we have this problem.
IT Support from the other side of the tunnel said I need to use setkey -D to delete the IKE key on our side and to see what happens then, but  I don't find a way to do this with the current openswan debugging tools.
I will update the firewall to version 1.12.13 anyway next tuesday if there's no build 1.3 available, maybe a new openswan version will automatically solve the problem for us.
Thanks a lot!

2007/5/23, Serge Leschinsky <fish@infonet.nnov.ru>:

Michiel Peene wrote:

> I'm having troubles with ipsec key negotiations and need the ipsec tools.
> According to the change logs, it should be included in version 1.2 (the
> build we're currently running), however, I cannot seem to find them.
openswan has it's own tools for key negotiations debugging. See

> Can someone tell me what Build I need to have the ipsec tools (setkey
> most importantly) available?
ipsec tools package (and 2.6 kernel ipsec stack) is available in 1.3, but for
1.2 you can use openswan.


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