Been using DL for a while and now I am trying to replace my PC hardware.
I have a new Soekris NET6501 with an internal 2GB mSATA drive (TS2GMSA500).

I've installed DL on a USB stick and have it running from there but I want to install it on the mSATA drive.

I've used the install-on-usb script and and installed DL on the drive (including etc-mods) however I have a problem - the system boots off the mSATA drive, but then when it comes to loading etc-mods, it cannot find etc-mods or the bootcd.iso file and so cannot boot.

If I boot from the mSATA drive with the USB stick in place, it finds the config on the USB stick as well as the bootcd.iso and continues to boot of the USB stick.
The USB stick appears as /dev/sda
The mSATA drive appears as /dev/sdb

I have tried both 1.4 and 1.6 versions of DL with the same result.

It's as if DL finds the mSATA drive to start the boot process but then loses it when it creates udev and searches for the configuration file.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can get this working off the mSATA drive or what I might be doing wrong?