Just an FYI, I use openDNS.

I find thier servers faster then my ISPs. Redundant, they have just 2 published IP's but they actually have 3 servers in each of 5 data centers that I know about ( London UK, Seattle, Palto Alto, NYC and Virginia ). Thier DNS servers respect the TLS on records, not like alot of ISP's who hard code 24 or 48 hours ( I know of a bunch that do this, like Rogers here in Canada ).

They also do some pretty cool stuff, like block phishing sites ( they own PhishTank ) and if you mistype an URL the servers will respond with a search page. And if your admining a large LAN you can also do domain blocking, XXX blocking and webproxy blocking.

The DNS server IPs are &

Take a look at: www.openDNS.com

I've used them since they started and have been extremely happy with them, every network I admin uses them now. They did have one outage over a year ago ( lasted about 2 hours), but that was due to a bot net DOS attack . They pissed them off since thier phishing sites were getting blocked. But they were on it fast and got it resolved as quickly as possible.