So far just replacing the old glibc files is working. I hit another problem though. Here's the situation. I've created a PXE bootable version of devil-linux so that no cdrom is needed and everything is in RAM, some of the programs I have to run require write access though, I tried adding "rw" to the kernel append line before booting and while that worked for some directories like /root it did not work for other directories like /opt. The bad news is the program needs write access to /opt. I know it compromises security but is it possible to mount the file system as read/write?

Heiko Zuerker wrote:
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On Wed, July 19, 2006 15:50, Mike Smith wrote:
I recently downloaded devil linux 1.2.10-i686-SMP. I've been adding
files to it over the last couple of days to create a custom version but
I've run into a problem. A program that I would like to run requires
libraries which use glibc 2.3.4  or higher, and this version of devil linux
has glibc version 2.3.2. I really would like to continue using devil linux
since I've had success with it up until this point but I can't do without
glibc 2.3.4. It looks like devil linux 1.3 uses glibc 2.3.6 but I couldn't
find any development downloads besides the source of all the packages it
uses. Is there an easy way to get or create a devil linux version with a
newer glibc?

DL 1.3 uses Kernel 2.6 and all the latest libraries and tools.
Unfortunately Kernel 2.6 has a lot of security and is still heavily
modified. This is the reason why we don't use it.

You can try and build a DL with the glibc 2.3.4, but many other things may
break. Just replace the files and give it a try. Unfortunately we can't
support you much on this topic.

It would be great if you could report your findings, maybe we can include
some of them in DL 1.2.11.

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  Heiko Zuerker

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